Causes and treatment of hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is the most common transform that is experienced by every woman after childbirth. He had experience and is still known by several women today. These changes sometimes occur after six to seven months of the child’s birth. Sometimes it’s a shock for new mothers because they haven’t experienced it before, and they wouldn’t want to go bald because they had a baby.

Various methods of prevention are available, but the insatiable demands of women for their beauty and their hair, have called for treatment when hair is lost. The kind of treatment most women want is the kind that will make them have a complete hair on their head.

Causes of hair loss after pregnancy  

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes extreme stress conditions. Extreme stress has been known to be one of the causes of hair loss. Several mental and physical transitions can occur after pregnancy. This is due to the changes in the hormone of the woman’s body that occurred during the period of pregnancy. These changes vary from one woman to another, depending on the care during this period and body type. Statistics show that about 75% of women experience hair loss after this period.

Therefore, hair loss after pregnancy has become inevitable for most women. Hair loss after pregnancy has its reasons. A normal woman spreads about 100 strands of hair each day. A pregnant woman throws less than the normal amount due to the hormonal changes that occur in her system. In addition, research and statistics show that about 10-15% of the hair on the scalp is in a resting phase for a normal woman. All trends in this phase fall easily with brushing. Pregnancy period causes an increase in the level of certain hormones in a woman’s body. These hormones estrogen and progesterone. Increasing your level makes it unable for hair loss as well; The hair in the resting phase was moved to another phase to protect them.

Finally, the hair on the scalp thickened over the course of the pregnancy period. After the pregnancy period is complete, the body begins to stabilize these hormones to their normal levels. Thus the hair at rest in the protected stage is rapidly subjected to a transition to the resting phase and therefore; They will fall quickly.

treatment of hair loss after pregnancy

Note that the level of estrogen decreases after birth which is why it is very important that women consume enough healthy food so that they can feed the child with the necessary food, ie breast milk. After pregnancy, when the intake of contraceptives, miscarriages, abortions, and hormone imbalances can aggravate the situation. Did you know that hair loss after pregnancy can be treated without the use of drugs? If you experience hair loss, keep in mind that this is not a big problem, and it can be resolved in no time. A few months after the encounter, you will regain your hair and your good look. All you have to do is wait. If you had a very rich and healthy hair before, in addition to increase ten folds.

Proper care of the hair is very important, and proper treatment should be used. Please do not use shampoos and conditioners that have harmful substances in them as they could damage your hair and it will be at your fault.

To overcome these, you have to leave it as it is and not try to add or subtract the hair. You can try different hair styles to make beautiful hair, and it will be good that you continue to do so. Hair loss after pregnancy is not a serious issue; so do not get yourself in a bad mood because your hair is falling.

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