Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

natural ways to stimulate hair growth

There are countless reasons why women and men would want to stimulate hair growth. The most obvious reason is baldness or hair loss. Some people like the short and sassy look, but some prefer a head full of thick hair. Over-the-counter solutions and prescription formulas are available to help promote hair growth. Home remedies are also considered to be a viable alternative to growing hair and filling in bald spots.

The hair typically grows at an average of ½ inch per month. This may not be enough to suit most people who are looking to grow longer hair. Other alternatives to growing hair include a variety of techniques that may or may not work for everyone. Vitamins are said to be a valuable nutrient that aids in the stimulation of hair growth. Super B complex, Biotin, MSM, and Silica are ingredients that make the hair grow faster, longer, and stronger.

Scalp stimulation or massaging increases the blood circulation in the scalp and works to increase hair growth

This can be self-administered at home or by a beauty shop professional. As with everything, there is a right and a wrong way to massage the scalp. Attacking the scalp with vigorous force could damage the roots and cause the hair to break even more. Hair is fragile, and putting tension on the scalp is not recommended. Use gentle force instead and get better results.

Applying natural oils such as rosemary or coconut is another option to consider. 

Oils nourish the scalp, eliminate dandruff and stimulate hair growth. The main factor in preventing hair loss is to strengthen the hair. Another very simple method that does wonders in stimulating the scalp is to comb or brush the hair. Combs and brushes are relatively cheap, and they can be purchased at any department or dollar store. However, cheap is not always better, and sometimes it is.

Combs with the round balls on the end of the teeth are perfect for stimulating the scalp and getting the blood to circulate. 

Brushing is a great stimulator, so make sure to choose the right one. Combing or brushing hair while it is wet can cause the hair to break. Other tips to help prevent breakage and promote hair growth are to stop using rubber bands and to avoid chemical hair processing. 


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