Coping With Cancer Hair Loss

Cancer hair loss can be a source of stress for many cancer patients. It is a visible physical manifestation and reminder of their chronic condition. Most people would associate hair loss with cancer. This is not necessarily the case. There are a number of reasons for hair loss and cancer hair loss in particular.

How Does Cancer Cause Hair Loss

Having cancer may not be related to losing your hair. Although cancer may not directly cause hair loss, it can create conditions for hair loss.

In cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, which is very common, the known side effect is wide spread hair loss. The phenomena of losing clumps of hair at a time can be very distressing. However, not all cancer patients will experience cancer hair loss during chemotherapy.

Another causal factor for cancer hair loss is the effects of cancer symptoms on the patient’s body. Deep depression is common in many cancer patients. Depression of any kind can lead to serious hair loss. The severe stress of coping with cancer as well as the treatment regime can also lead to hair loss.

Coping with Cancer Hair Loss

The family members and friends of cancer patients play an important role in helping a cancer patient to cope with the disease as well as the distressing side effects such as cancer hair loss. When it comes to cancer hair loss, there is not much that can be done to prevent the loss of hair due to chemotherapy but friends and family can help to fend off hair loss that can be caused by the other symptoms of cancer.

Keeping financial and other situations stable for a loved one while they are convalescing is one way to lower their stress levels. This will reduce the chance of stress induced cancer hair loss.

Boosting their morale and keeping the patient busy when they show signs of depression is another way to help people who are susceptible to stress induced cancer hair loss.

For severe cancer hair loss, it is better to use wig to restore a sense of normalcy. Some may choose to wear a hat or a cap or other headdress. Some people may need a wig to fend off feeling of inadequacy. The hair loss is temporary but it can have a great impact on the quality of life of the patient, so it is necessary to address the situation.

There are many organizations that supply wigs and other hair accessories especially for cancer patients. These organizations also provide assistance for those who cannot afford to pay. In most cases, doctors are able to refer the patient to the right organization that can help to keep their heads held high and get the patient’s life back to normal.

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