Great Dry Hair Care Treatment Right In Your Home

dry hair care

Certainly, oily hair is no fun to have, but if you are like me, dry hair is no fun either. If your hair is dry, it looks dull, it gets tangled, and no amount of conditioning and moisturizing seems to ever do anything to it. Sure, everyone has a bad hair day once in a while; if dry hair is your problem though, you may experience this more often than anyone else. There’s an actual health problem that dry hair can bring too – dandruff. Yes, dandruff is usually something you’d associate with sticky and oily hair. But you can have it when it’s very dry as well. Let’s take a look at a home remedy dry hair treatment.

You don’t always get dry hair because of the way your skin tends to be

Sometimes, there are things in your environment that do this. For instance, your shampoo might be too harsh for your skin and might dry your scalp out. Or you could have shampoo that was good enough, but you tend to shampoo too often. Perms, hair coloring, chlorinated water in swimming pools, getting your hair wet at the beach, drying your hair with two hot dryer – all of these can cause it. There’s no specific dry hair treatment needed and then – you just have to stop harming your hair in this way. That’s all.

There are plenty of things you can do for dry hair care right at home

You need to remember that hair isn’t meant to be shampooed and cleaned all the time. Your hair needs its natural oils to remain fluffy, silky and manageable and certainly, cleaning your head of hair out once in a while will stimulate the oil glands in your scalp to kick into high drive. That’s only if you do it once in a while. So try not to shampoo more than once a week.

You also need to be sure that you pay attention to what kind of pH your shampoo has

If you’re thinking about dry hair treatment, be sure that your shampoo has a pH value between five and six. If you feel that baby shampoo should be perfectly safe because it’s supposed to be very gentle, don’t believe it. You need acidic shampoos. Baby shampoos tend to be very alkaline. They’ll dry your hair out.

The problem with dry hair is that you experience lots of breakage

Your hair tends to be at its most fragile when you’re showering. Try not to be too rough with your hair when you’re shampooing. You don’t have to use your nails to scrub your scalp clean. There’s nothing there to clean really. Just use a gentle massaging motion and leave it be.

When you’re actually done with your shampooing, use conditioner

Now you don’t just want to use any kind of conditioner. Look for something that has no alcohol content. Hair care treatments with alcohol content might work for people who have regular or oily hair but the drying effect of alcohol on dry hair is a different story. How do you know if it doesn’t contain alcohol? Well, you could look for conditioner that has no fragrance. That’s usually your sign. Use an overnight conditioner, wear a shower cap to bed to protect your sheets, and rinse it off in the morning.

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