Hot hair loss news on female pattern baldness

female pattern baldness Whenever we talk about hair loss or baldness, most people will think that you are discussing about men’s problem. However, this is not necessarily the case since it has been estimated that nearly 25 percent of the women in the United States most definitely will experience hair loss problem.

Although this female pattern baldness will not always be discussed in public, the problem still gives an impact and affects the lives of millions of women. There are variety of factors that cause hair loss, however, when the problems strike the female community, the most common causes are always relate back to hormone levels.

There two primary cause of imbalance hormones in women’s life which are around pregnancy and childbirth and also at the time of menopause

It is always noticeable when women female pattern baldness facing these two conditions, there will be significant hair loss and most likely result in thinning hair. Medically, it is well known that during this time, there is a radical change of hormone level in a woman.

There is also a concern from some women that using too hot blow dryer frequently or applying too much hair colors may cause extreme reaction which result thinning hair.

Yet this is not the case as the root cause is involving something more basic.

One of the simplest solutions to counter the problem is by wearing a wig

Unfortunately, if you are looking for more realistic wig, the price tag will be more expensive. The next solution, if money is not the obstacles, you can undergo for hair transplant which many women found it to be good option.

With current modern research in hair care, there are ways to overcome hair loss for women. A more healthy way to overcome baldness and thinning hair in women is by using nutrition and vitamins for hair growth. There are many products now in the market that formulated from ingredients that was approved by FDA to restore thinning hair. The products basically supplements formulated as aids to increase nutrition to the scalp and the hair follicles. Nevertheless this supplement will also prevent hair loss in the future. Besides that, by taking extra vitamins and minerals, not only you solve the female pattern baldness problem but also give advantage to prevent other health problems.

So, if you are among women worried of losing lush and beautiful hair, there are ways to prevent them as well as to restore and re-grow a rich and full head of hair.

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