Ideas for Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

You have hair that is medium in length, and you have bangs

What can you do with it to give it a different look? Here are some suggestions for you for great styles specially for medium length haircuts with bangs.

If you like your bangs, there is really not much you can do with that except to leave it covering your forehead. One thing you can do is to highlight your bangs with a different color. You can choose a shade of color that is either darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Or if you dark brown or black hair, you can contrast it with a little red, purple, blue just to add some interest. Just be sure not to over do it with different colors because you do not want to look like you are dressing up for trick-or-treating!

Depending on how long your medium length hair is, you can tie it up in a pony tail

This is a simple style, yet you can actually achieve different effects depending on what kind of hair tie you use. Spend some time going through the hair accessories section of a major store, or one that specializes in hair accessories. You will see a huge array of hair ties and clasps that are made for ponytails. If you just want a simple ponytail, get a fabric-covered elastic tie. The fancier ones have a lot of ruffles and pouf to them. Some of them have glitter and shimmer to them. Pick the ones that will give you the look you want.

You can put up your hair into a bun with a claw clasp

Again, there are many types of claw clasps out there, ranging from the simple, unadorned plastic ones to the ones studded with rhinestones and beading. Just gather up your hair in the back, tie it into a ponytail with a small rubberband for hair, then use the claw to clamp the hair to the back of your head. There will be little loose ends that will stick out, but that is fine because it is all part of the style.

You can leave the back of your hair loose and just clip up the sides with hair clips. That is a quick and easy way to add some interest to your hair.

You can wear a head band 

There are many styles of headbands out there, and different ones will give you a different look.

If you straight hair 

you can give it a new look by curling it. With medium length hair, you can still achieve a few loose curls at the end. After you wash and towel dry your hair, roll your hair up in curlers and leave them on until they are dry. Then, use your fingers to loosen them up. You can wear a head band with that, or you can tie it up into a pony tail. Give those curls a good spritz with a light hairspray and that style will stay with you all day long.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you want to do something for your hair. These are popular styles for people with medium length haircuts with bangs. Go through magazines and surf the web for other ideas. When you see something you like, make a print copy of it and keep it with you. The next time you go to your hairdresser, you can take along those pictures and see what the hairdresser can do for you. Experiment with different medium length haircuts with bangs and find the style that complements your taste.

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