Medium Length Haircuts Tips for Women

Medium length haircuts are the most flattering for the most people. There are a wide variety of styles available in this length and just a few simple rules to follow to ensure you find a style that will look great on you.

Different styles will look best on oval, round, square, heart, or long face shapes, so it is important to determine the shape of your face first and then look through the styles that are good for that shape. To determine the shape of your face, pull all of your hair back and either hold it with a hairband or put it in a ponytail. Just make sure it is off your face. Then look in a mirror and using a lipstick or some type of marker that will wipe off, draw the outline of your face on the mirror. This will give you the shape of your face.

Once you know what your face shape is, then you can begin to look for medium length haircuts. These are definitely one of the most popular hairstyles because so much can be done with this length. They can be worn up, curly, straight, pulled back or styled away from the face. Whatever your face shape, there will be a medium length hairstyle for you.

Hairstyles for Face Shape

  • Hairstyle for Square Face

If your face is square shaped, then you will probably want to soften your jaw line. Individuals will square face shapes should avoid hairstyles that are all one length, especially if they fall right at the jawline. Layered looks are better. Try a cut with lots of different layer lengths. Also, blunt cut bangs tend to emphasize the squareness of the face, so it is generally better to avoid these as well. Subtle layers and rounded cuts can soften strong angles and features.

  • Hairstyle for Straigh Hair

If your hair is straight, try layers that start at the jaw line to draw the eye away from any angular features. Wavy textures are generally better than blunt cuts or solid shapes and layers, especially around the face, are always good.

  • Hairstyle for long Face

If your face is oblong or long, you should think about any length or appearance of length that a hairstyle may add to your face. It is generally better to select a hairstyle that will help to minimize the vertical appearance. Curly or wavy hairstyles are typically ideal for this since they help create an illusion of width. Bangs are also great for helping a long face appear shorter. Some people do not like bangs, though, so they part it, however they should never part it in the middle. Instead, they should shift it to one side or the other to increase the illusion of width.

An individual with an oblong or long face who has poker straight hair should add layers instead of wearing it all one length. This will help create a very flattering look and also the illusion of width and shorten the face.

  • Hairstyle for Round Face

For those with a round face, it is important to try and break up the line of the face to make it appear a bit longer. Blunt bangs should be avoided since the forehead can add the illusion of length. Also, try and avoid heavy layers right at the jaw line since this will accentuate the roundness. Instead, add longer layers that draw the eye down. For rounded faces, straighter is better since curly tends to accentuate the roundness. It can also help to tuck hair behind the ears to help slim the face.

  • Hairstyle for Heart Face

Those with heart-shaped faces should try and elongate the face and create more width around a narrow chin. Height and volume help with this. A hairstyle with a long, side-sweeping bang can help create length without adding too much width. Avoid blunt cut bangs because they are just too heavy for this face shape and will tend to exaggerate the forehead. Adding layers that flick out just below the chin line will draw the eye down and create a flattering look.

  • Hairstyle for Oval Face

If you have an oval shape, you are a lucky lady because you can wear almost any medium length haircut. Typical cuts that work well are subtly textured styles that hit right at the shoulders and have a side part with no bangs. Bold, sharper lines in asymmetric cuts also work well because an oval face can wear the different layers. Most individuals with an oval face do well to wear their hair off their face since they tend to have delicate features and their hair can overpower their face.

Different Medium Length Haircuts and Hairstyles

  • Haircut for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, a good haircut can make a world of difference. Of course, the right haircut will make your hair look thicker, and this can be accomplished with the right cut for almost any face shape. Layers, which tend to give the hair more bounce and body, are usually suggested.

  • Haircut for Round Face

When choosing a haircut, one of the most important things to consider is the shape of your face. A good haircut frames and flatters your facial structure. Round faces can be difficult to work with because a poorly selected haircut can make your face look fat, even if you are actually a fairly slim person.

  • Haircut for Fine Hair

If you have very fine hair, and you are always trying to figure out what to do with it, it might be difficult if your hair is too long. Women that are born with exceedingly fine hair are not blessed with the ability to style it in the same way that people with thicker hair can. However, you can find a way around this problem by trying a different length haircut. One of the best haircuts to use if you do have fine hair is one that is medium length. In this article, we will look at medium length haircuts that might work for you, helping you to add volume and style to your hair starting today.

  • Haircut For Thick Hair

As a person with very thick hair, it is very hard to find a haircut that works with my hair. I have tired all sorts of products to straighten and to make my hair lay down but they never work for long. It is as if my hair is at war with me and it refuses to give up. Anyone with thick, curly or wavy hair probably knows all about this problem. Unfortunately, it seems as if the hair industry is ignoring us and I bet this is because they themselves have not found a solution for out type of hard to manage hair.

  • Haircut for Curly Hair

It goes without saying that hair comes in a wide variety of styles, textures and colors. Whether you have curly hair that is loose and beachy or you have tighter, corkscrew curls, you are going to find that there is a perfect cut out there that will frame your face and look absolutely stunning. It is all a matter of personal preference and also working it to make sure that you are on top of the hottest trends in medium length haircuts for curly hair. Luckily. there are all different styles that you can choose from to create a new signature look.

  • Haircuts With Bangs

You have hair that is medium in length, and you have bangs. What can you do with it to give it a different look? Here are some suggestions for you for great styles specially for medium length haircuts with bangs. If you like your bangs, there is really not much you can do with that except to leave it covering your forehead. One thing you can do is to highlight your bangs with a different color. You can choose a shade of color that is either darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Or if you dark brown or black hair, you can contrast it with a little red, purple, blue just to add some interest. Just be sure not to over do it with different colors because you do not want to look like you are dressing up for trick-or-treating!

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