Tips and Tricks for Adding Volume to Limp Hair

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7 Tricks for Adding Volume to Limp Hair

If you are sporting a great hairstyle, you can get compensation on your makeup as well. Some people are naturally blessed with great hair, but for us mere mortals, who seem to have a lot of bad hair days, beauty fixes and some tips and tricks could be lifesavers.

Those of us with limp hair might have spend a lot of their hard earned money on products available in the market which say they’ll add bounce or give you voluminous hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hairstyling products and everything else that promise thick, healthy hair might have been tried out by most of you without any success. Till date, if you have sported hairstyles with only a scrunchy attached (related to ponytail and plaits), you should go through the few tips here to actually revolutionize the state of your hair yourself.

Volumizing Your Limp Hair

1. The Hair Cut

If you have limp hair, the best haircut is a short crop or any other style that has length between your chin and your collarbone. The less the weight of the hair, the more voluminous they’ll look. You can choose between a lot of available hairstyles. You get choices between a pixie cut, bob or even one with lots of layers to give them that extra needed bounce. Ladies with limp hair should religiously avoid fringes and bangs as they plaster to the face and do nothing to add volume or body to the hair and look bad instead.

2. The Blow Drying

When blow-drying your hair, always remember to flip it upside down and they blow dry it. This way you get to your roots. Run a brush through your hair to make sure they are evenly distributed and detangled so that the heat can be distributed equally to all sections. Always use a wide barreled round brush while you blow dry your hair. For curly hairs, it’s ideal to run the fingers through them for detangling the curls. However, we won’t recommend you to blow dry your hair everyday because the constant heat will damage your hair. If you need the bounce daily, then perhaps you can try backcombing your hair every day, which will add instant bounce. And if you have a curling iron or a ceramic straightener, use them to give your hair slight curls at the ends only.

Note: always use a good quality hair dryer to ensure that your hair get the right amount of heat needed and they don’t get damaged as well.

3. The Hair Color

Opt for highlights rather than full colors. Highlights are done on the top of the head and they create an illusion of thicker, more fuller hair. Also for limp hair, it is recommended that you opt for highlights about a shade or two lighter than the natural color of your hair as it will make your head look fuller with the illusion of more hair.

4. Choosing Your Shampoo

For a lot of women, the main cause of limp hair is a highly oily scalp. The oil in the roots weighs the hair down and make it look utterly limp and lifeless. For such people, it is essential that the hair is washed everyday with a light shampoo which will add fullness and body to the hair without robbing it off its natural oils with everyday wash. Light shampoos will keep your scalp oil and dirt free and will thus give your hair that much needed bounce. You can also opt for dry shampoos if you don’t want to wash your hair every day. There are a number of products in the market which make your hair shinier and add body to them with everyday wash.

5. The Conditioner

Ladies with limp hair should forego conditioners completely. If there is an essential need for conditioning the hair, make sure it’s only used sparingly and at the ends of the hair. Never let it touch the roots as it will increase the oil in the scalp. Also, conditioners should be washed out thoroughly if you have an oily scalp and limp hair.

6. Styling Products

Although other types of hair can withstand styling products, limp hair will only end up being weighed down with them. For such females, it is advisable to use heavy mousse or gel. They can also opt for a light texturing spray that adds a bit of bounce to the volume-less hair.

7. The DIY Care

Take the white of an egg and mix it well with half a cup of yogurt. Apply this mixture to your head completely covering the hair from root to tips. Cover with shower cap and leave for 30minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off and use a mild shampoo. You can also use flat beer to rinse your hair and get instant shine and volume.

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