5 Helpful Tips For Home Hair Coloring

home hair color tips

Home hair coloring may seem like a scary process when doing it for the first time. Use these 5 simple tips to get the best results from your coloring experience.

  1. Get your coloring products from a beauty supply store. Professional products actually cost less than boxed ones at general or grocery stores. While you are there, take advantage of the employees knowledge by asking for help choosing the best dye for you.
  2. Remember that your natural or current color will determine what your new color will turn out to be. The picture on the product’s packaging is not a guarantee that you will get that color. Keeping this is mind will save you from potential disappointment.
  3. Read the coloring products instructions thoroughly and more than once if necessary. It can be tough when you’re excited and want to get started, but the outcome of a mistake could be detrimental to your hair. This is especially important when using permanent color; a mistake could ruin your appearance for months.
  4. Take precautions when using hair coloring products, they are full of damaging chemicals. When using, wear an old shirt that can be damaged, use a towel to protect your clothing, or both. Wear coloring gloves to protect your hands from staining or bleaching. Wipe product off of your skin as soon as you see it.
  5. Use a good after color conditioner on your hair. These conditioners might be a little expensive, but well worth the investment. Special conditioners will keep your color vibrant longer. They help preserve color, resist fading, and control the amount of damage done by the dying process.

Home hair coloring can be an inexpensive, easy, and even fun process if you can follow the tips. Get the color you want, enjoy the change, and love the new you.

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