Natural Hair Coloring For Men And What To Look For

hair coloring for men

Natural Hair Coloring For Men And What To Look For

Natural hair coloring for men is just as important as it is for women. There are mainly three reasons why men consider coloring their hair: they want to hide gray hair, become more fashionable or change their appearance totally. Whatever your reasons are, you need to know a few things before you choose a color:

Highlights are very popular these days. This procedure is used to color thin or thick strands of hair. The hair is colored with two shades lighter than your normal color. These colors should compliment your natural hair color because they are permanent once applied. However, there are temporary highlighting kits available if you do not want a permanent change. Highlights change your hair color in a subtle way, which looks natural. Today there are all kinds of colors such as gold, red, blue, pink and so forth, which will give you a bold and dramatic look.

Stains or washes are referred to as semi-permanent hair color. Your hair will be coated with coloring agents which can be washed out after approximately six to ten washes. This allows your new hair color to be washed out before new hair starts to grow, giving you time to decide if you want to go permanent. With semi-permanent washes, the hair will not be lightened as no peroxide or ammonia is used.

If you want to achieve a more noticeable look, then opt for a demi-permanent treatment. This type of coloring will give you at least twenty four to twenty six washes before the color fades. A demi-permanent color has a small amount of peroxide which will slightly alter the color of the hair, but not to an extent that it will change your appearance totally.

Then there is permanent coloring which will totally change the color and texture of your hair. This cannot be washed out and one must usually wait until the color grows out with new hair. The new color treatment is a combination of added pigments with a mixture of your own pigment color of your hair. Natural hair coloring for men can be a way to change your appearance and boost your confidence.

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