7 Best Ideas About Braided Hairstyles

7 Best Ideas About Braided Hairstyles

1. Fish Tail Bun

 Fish Tail Bun

This is an elegant and easy bun that is different from the usual messy side buns. The classic french braid that ends in a high bun hairstyle can be the perfect choice for a wedding, prom or night event. Dont let the complex look intimidate you from trying it out for yourself!

2. Side Braid for Wedding

Side Braid for Wedding

The side braid is a hairstyle that no matter how many times we have seen it, it just never gets old. Get in on the braid act, learn it, love it, and do it for that special occasion that you have been waiting for so long, it will work perfectly for a wedding or cocktail.

3. Medieval Fishtail Crown Braids

Medieval Fishtail Crown Braids

Well with the whole Game of Thrones craze restarted there is no wonder ladies are opting for that untamed and gorgeous medieval look. A great way to achieve this look is with halo and crown braids. Try this look by switching it up with some gorgeous fishtail braids to give it a unique and trendy look.

4. Beach Waves & Braid

Beach Waves & Braid

Wow Ive never really though of tossing my hair up into a double halo braid like this which looks stunning and so cute mixed up with some messy casual beach waves. Its all about how you sport your hair, this fusion of medieval hairstyle with modern retro swag looks fantastic. Its always nice to accessorize and compliment your hairstyles with cool shades which adds so much to this already cool halo braided hairstyle.

5. Cross Braid

A gorgeous idea for ladies out there who love braiding and trying new variations, try starting your braids from the front crossing them over at the back into this lovely formal hairstyle.

6. Cool Loose Braids

Cool Loose Braids

What a great braided hairstyle, we love how the braids just flow down like a beautiful waterfall which is an amazingly romantic look for any bride to be.

7. Braid in a Braid

Braid in a Braid

Talk about being creative with braids this has to be one of the most creative and simple braids we have seen. The way the smaller one is perfectly braided into the bigger loose braid looks astonishing.

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