Trending Haircuts for Summer 2020

Trending Haircuts for Summer 2020

You are going to love these trending haircuts for summer 2020 regardless of whether you have curly wavy or straight hairYou will definitely have something to show your stylist at your next appointment. These hairstyle are easy to maintain and can be adopted by busy women as well. Just haircut is not enough to create a full look. We will also offer some trendy options to style your long or medium-length haircut. You just need to scroll down and get inspired from the pictures we have compiled.

Long Lob  

Trending Haircuts for Summer 2020 long bob

We can always speak about bob/lob haircuts. These crops work for everyone, but to find the right style is pretty important. Here is a chic wavy lob with thinned out ends. It is an excellent option for women with straight hair as it is a way to achieve tons of texture. Make sure that your haircut works with the color otherwise it may destroy your entire appearance.

Curls with Bangs   


Want to demonstrate your lion mane but you don’t know how to do it right? Well, take cue from this particular style. Pair your curls with bangs just like this gorgeous Victoria’s Secret top model. It will not only provide you with 90s vibes but also make you stand out from the others. Make sure to use high-quality hair products give a well-refined look to your curls.

Asymmetrical Bob 

Asymmetrical hairstyles are not new in this industry but before adopting an asymmetrical hairstyle, make sure to get it right, otherwise it will have an outdated look. Well, modern asymmetric hairstyles feature slick bob/lob haircuts with blunt ends. Ask your hairstylist for the same cut to look trendy.

Medium Layered Haircut 

Those who are looking for extra dimension should consider this particular style. It requires creating flipped layers and styling them, in a messy pattern. It is a look that can be worn both casually and formally. Actually it is a low maintenance style that would definitely be appreciated by busy women. Just give a good dye job to your locks and you are ready to rock.

Hairstyles with Bangs 

This year we are going to see lots of hairstyles with straight bangs. This trend is back again, so get ready to spice up your look with a modern twist. Straight bangs work exceptionally well with curls or waves. Here is just the best proof. Now you don’t have to go for complicated hairstyles, simply combine your carefree waves with straight bangs and take away the weight.

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