Damaged Hair

damaged hair

Hair comes in a variety of textures from fine to filthy. Healthy looking hair has a smooth, packely closed cuticle layer that protects the inner cortex from drying out. The cuticle layer allows hair to retain its moisture balance, and gives hair its elasticity, strength and shine. Hair can suffer a series of hair damage from fraying, split ends to damage caused by straightening hair with chemical agents or hair irons.

Hair damage can realm from uplifted cuticle scales resulting in dullness and decreased shine to bubbled and brittle cuticles to complete removal of the cuticle layer. Damaged hair is dry, absorbent, weak and hard to manage. Excess brushing and tearing of the hair. Excessive brushing or combing, specially when your hair is wet can critically damage your hair.

Hair is most assailable to breaks and tears when wet. Be gentle and use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with natural fibres. Sun’s ultra violet light is just as worse for our hair as it is for our skin. UV chemically breaks down the building blocks of our hair. Hair pins, clips accessories clip onto the hair so stingly to stay in place, and often the tightness will cause hair to break.

When swimming in chlorine water or in salt water your hair is damage some time. Bleach, permanent and semipermanent colors, perms andstraightenersall work by swelling thecuticleto get under it. This leaves the scales roughed up and likely to chipping or coming off entirely. Bleaching, perming and straightening also break down some of the protein bonds in the hair, weakening its structure.

Washing your hair too much can dry out your scalp, cause flakes, and reduce the natural oils on your head which protect your hair’s roots. Hair colorants elevate the cuticle so that the dyes can penetrate the hair cortex. The process can also dry out the hair. It is also cause of hair damage.

Too-hot blow dryers, hot rollers, and curling and straightening implements all can decrypt cuticles and evaporate water in hair. Cold weather dries out hair more rapidly as there is less humidity in the air. This dryness, combined with the cold makes hair brittle and gullible to breakage. Chemical Damage caused by chemical turmoil of the hair structure which can leave hair dry and brittle. There are many treatment of hair damage and prevent hair.

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