Hair fall due to Dandruff

Dandruff and hair fall are two hair problems which are so epidemic that nearly 70 percent of total population are either suffering from one of these or from both, irrespective of gender. Visible dandruff, not just cause embarrassment but also lead to itchy scalp which again result in embarrassment and discomfort.

Does dandruff cause hair fall ? This is a question which is being a riddle for a long time and thankfully it is answered now. The answer is no, there is no direct relation between dandruff and hair loss but since these two problem are so common that people often end up making relation between them. Let us understand causes of dandruff and how to cure it.

Dandruff is a chronic scalp problem which happen due to drying of skin and lead to dry flakes. Although dandruff have no direct role in hair loss but due to dandruff itchiness start happening on scalp and when you start scratching your scalp vigorously, it led to hair loss. The main reason for dandruff is Minoxidil chemical which is found in almost every shampoo. This chemical leads to drying of scalp and ultimately dead skin of scalp turn into dandruff.

Although dandruff has not any direct relation with hair loss, there are many other reasons like stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, heredity, unhealthy food habits etc. which makes hair weak and leads to hair fall. Once more than 40 percentage of hair are already fell, hair transplantation is last resort to regain hair. Nowadays India has emerged as a hub for medical tourism and there is an influx of people who come to India for hair transplant surgeries. Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Jaipur are main cities which are offering world class hair transplantation facilities at affordable price. Among these cities, Hair Transplant cost in Pune is mostly favored by Patients due to its superior result and competitive price.

Dandruff causes :

There are several reasons which could be attributed for dandruff, let us understand them one by one:

  • Dry skin:

    It is the main reason for dandruff as dry skin lead to creation of white and small flakes which are quite dry in nature and generally visible on top of your hair and on shoulder of your clothes. This drying of skin start visible by drying of skin of your hands and feet also.

  • Oily skin:

    Oily skin are also as much as responsible for dandruff as dry skin. The only difference is the dandruff created on oily skin are oily, red and greasy while dandruff on dry skin are completely dry and are white in color. This kind of dandruff is not limited to scalp only but to any other area which are rich in oil glands like sides of nose. Eyebrows and back areas of ears.

  • Less shampooing:

    If you are not shampooing your hair on regular basis then definitely oil secretion will be too much and it will cause dandruff.

  • Minoxidil:

    Most of the shampoo which are aimed toward strengthening of hair follicles consist of a chemical Minoxidil which lead to drying of skin of scalp and crate white and small flakes.

Remedies to cure dandruff: 

Dandruff cannot be checked completely but with persistence and patience, dandruff can be controlled to very much extent. For controlling it, a 360 degree approach is required i.e. not only use of right kind of shampoo and oil but also consumption of right kind of food diet.

  • Proper kind of shampoo:

    Shampoo which contain Salicylic acid, Zinc pryithione, ,Selenium sulfide or Ketoconazole as their main constituents should be use which mainly focus mainly on treating fungal infection which lead to dry dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis (oily dandruff). Use of these shampoo thrice a week lead to considerable reduction in dandruff in just few weeks.

  • Manage stress:

    Believe it or not, stress is also a cause for dandruff as more stress lead more secretion of oils from oil glands and lead to oily dandruffs.

  • Healthy diet:

    Eat a well-balanced diet which are high in vitamin B, Zinc and healthy fats like Omega 3. These nutrients make skin of scalp healthy and check excess or less secretion of oil from glands.

  • Tea tree oil:

    Tea tree oil is very good anti-fungal, antibiotic and antiseptic agent which has been use for decades for treating dandruff problem. Regular massage with tea tree oil followed by washing hair with mild shampoo shown considerable reduction in dandruff.

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  • Mustard oil with lemon:

    This is also a very good home remedy to cure dandruff. Mix lemon juice with mustard oil and apply over scalp for half an hour and followed by washing hair with mild shampoo shown considerable reduction in dandruff.

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