Easy homemade avocado hair mask

Most of us struggle with dryness/frizz due to hair dye and products we use daily. Today I am sharing with you my 100% natural DIY argane oil/avocado mask I do at home that will save your hair!100% bio, 100% effective!

While most of us spend hundreds of dollars on treatments that don’t really last, we often forget that the best recipes come from mother nature. Today I am sharing with you my 100% bio argane oil/avocado home made treatment!

Often times, we tend to forget that- besides being delicious in a salad- avocado and pure argane oil combined together are amazingly full of nutrients, natural oils and proteins that will deeply nourish our hair. I have been using natural argane oil since I can remember even before it became a ‘fashionable’ item in the last 5 years. It is THE best miraculous products that nourishes your hair, scalp, skin, nails, scars etc.

I recommend that you buy pure argane oil instead of argane oil mixes/products that contain additives like cilicones and such. You can apply this mask once a week!

avocado hair mask

What you will need :

1 avocado
2 table spoons of argane oil
coil/aluminium sheets
plastic wrap ( or shower cap or plastic bag)
brush applicator
a blender/mixer


– Peel the avocado, cut it in small pieces and throw in the blender

– add the argane oil and blend with the avocado. Make sure you create a smooth and well blended texture so you don’t end up with chunks of avocado stuck in your hair.

– separate your hair in sections ( like a hairstylist does when applying hair dye on you), and apply the avocado mixture with the brush applicator.

-Work it from the bottom of your strand up to your scalp.

-wrap each strand in coil /aluminium sheet ( like your hairstylist does when applying hair dye)

-Once all done, wrap your head in a plastic or a shower cap for 45 min. This creates heat that allows your folicules to open up and let the nutrients penetrate deeply and nourish your hair.(This is the opportunity to do a facial mask or a manicure !)

-Rinse out ,then apply shampoo and conditionner like usual. ( Apply conditioner only on the ends and not on the scalp to avoid making your hair heavy and greasy too quickly).

– TADAM! brand new healthy hair!

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