Homemade Hair Treatment Options

 Homemade Hair Treatment Options

Homemade Hair Treatment 

Most women are very conscious about the kind of hair that they have. For them, hair is the one that enhances their beauty and fashion. That’s why some women are trying to make several ways to keep their hair shiny and look good if possible. Some of the common things that can be found on women’s drawers are flat irons, brushes, combs and curling irons. Conditioners, shampoos, hot oil treatments, gels and sprays can be usually situated to their bathroom shelves.

Always be careful when trying a new product.

Even herbal remedies can cause a reaction in certain people. You will need to talk to your physician before taking any new medications, even herbal preparations. Test the product on a small area, such as the inside of your arm, then wait 24 hours. If you do not have a reaction it should be safe to apply to your scalp. Never assume you can use a product because it is all natural.

Apart from the healthy and balanced diet, drinking loads of water also hydrates the hair follicles and prevents dull and dry hair. A good sound sleep ensures that the hair damage is repaired, so slumber is something that should not be compromised on, no matter how busy you may be. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase would be a good idea as it will prevent rubbing of hair while sleeping and will keep a check on fly away hair. In case you often use hair dryer, curling iron or straightener over your normal hair, it can take away moisture from hair, making them thin and dry. An application of a product for protection from heat is the best bet in the matter for healthy hair.

Another homemade mixture that can be used as natural hair loss remedy is a combination of castor oil, shikakai powder, powdered amla, crushed fenugreek seeds, neem paste and eggs. 

The result is paste that is applied to the scalp and left on for forty-five minutes; after which rinsing can be done by a mild shampoo. When this remedy is used regularly, fresh hair growth can be noticeable after a few weeks.
Using 100 milligrams a day decreases hair-shedding in some people. Larger amounts can be toxic, especially over a prolonged time. If you prefer a hair, nail, & skin supplement, select a product which include nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, which protect skin, hair, and nails from free radicals. Beta-Carotene is converted in the body to Vitamin A, an essential vitamin for maintaining the health of skin and hair. Vitamin C, Zinc, and L-Cysteine support the integrity of hair, skin and nails.

Another basic recipe for hair treatments is about as easy as it gets. You just use apple cider vinegar (raw apple cider vinegar from the health store works best) and water. Ok, this is not the best smelling treatment but many people say it helps keep your hair shiny. Just wash your hair like normal and then mix ½ cup of water with ½ cup of apple cider vinegar… massage your scalp (remembering to hold your nose.. ha, ha)… and then rinse your hair with warm water to remove it.

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