Long Layered Haircuts You Will Love


There are many women out there who are looking for a great hairstyle to fit their faces.

Long layered haircuts are one of the most popular options. Before you say “no” to this stylish trend, look at this list of variations that will help make anyone look beautiful.

  1.  Bangs, Bangs, Bangs
    This is one of those things that many people discount, but bangs are definitely a great way to flatter your face. If you have a large forehead or a rounded face, this will definitely help keep things on the more subtle side. Be creative and experiment with different bang lengths and styles. It is best to start with longer ones and shorten them accordingly since you cannot replace the hair right away once it is gone.
  2. Highlights
    What is the pint in having one of the hottest long layered haircuts out there if it is a drab, mousy color? This is where highlights come in and save the day. Whether you want to simplify the style by highlighting a few tresses or you want to be a little more risque and add lots of them, you will definitely make a statement every time you leave the house. Choose wisely since all highlights do not flatter everyone.
  3. The Boldness Of The Layers
    All long layered haircuts are not created equally, so make sure that you create a look and style that are all your own. A great way to do this is by deciding how bold you want to make the layers. While some people opt for soft, subtle layers, others choose styles that are a bit more out-of-the box. For example, if your goal is to be a bit more edgy, you should cut the layers a little more bluntly.
  4. Waves And Curls
    This is a great way to emphasize the layers in your hair, so definitely take advantage of that. It is up to you when it comes to deciding how full you want the curls or waves. Soft, bouncy curls are the kind that will make you appear a bit more outgoing and playful. If the look you want is on the serious side of the coin, tighter curls are the way to go. As far as waves go, subtle is always better.
  5. Add A Part
    If you are not ready to make the huge leap into the world of bangs, there are less severe ways to accentuate your facial features. Placing a part in your hair is something that is so simple, yet it makes a huge difference. The position of your part will take over your entire hairstyle, so be careful. For example, if you have a narrow face, a side part will make your face appear to be more full. This is the exact reason that people with rounder faces should be careful with those.
  6. Messy, Messy, Messy
    Once upon a time it was a terrible time to walk around with bed head, but that is the look that many people are going for. They take their long layers and tousle them in a way that makes it look like they have just risen from a deep slumber. Be careful if you are trying to do this to your hair since one wrong turn can make you look tacky. a little mousse goes a long way, so buy a can and see what you can do.
  7. Sleek And Chic
    Have you ever looked at some of the celebs as they grace the red carpet with their perfect tresses. Do not make the mistake of believing that this is not an option for you. The longer and shinier the layers, the sleeker you will look. If you are going to a formal event or you are often at places that require you to be dressy, this should definitely be a look that you are trying to accomplish. Once you find the perfect amount of sleekness, set it with hair spray before you leave. You want to make sure that your hair stays put all day.
  8. Such A Tease
    In case you haven’t noticed, the 80s are trying their best to make a comeback. While some of the styles need to stay there, you can definitely use teasing to your advantage. Sometimes when your hair is in long layers it comes across as being rather boring. Taking your comb and teasing it a bit can add a lot of volume. If you have thin hair, this would definitely be a welcoming change.
  9. Different Colored Layers
    This is a lot more dramatic than a few highlights, so only attempt it if you are willing to live on the edge. You should definitely go to a stylist for this since amateurs couldn’t do this style any justice. The idea is to create a few different layers and dye them each a different color. They don’t have to be too dramatic, but you want people to be able to discern between all of the hues you used.
  10. Toss It Up
    Just because you have decided to cut your hair in long layers, this does not mean that you always have to wear your hair down. Of course this is the decision that lots of people make, but you don’t have to follow their lead. If you want, you can wear your hair pin up with some of your tresses falling freely from it. A messy bun is a great way to have the updo you want while still managing to show off all of the individual layers.

Now that you have 10 styles to choose from, you should have a ball figuring out what to do next. As was stated earlier, different styles flatter certain facial features, so it is vital to be careful as you are making your hair choices. If there is any doubt about which style if the best for you, going to a salon can help. The stylists there are trained to help you find something that will flatter you.

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