Tips for Styling Medium Length Haircuts for Round Faces


When choosing a haircut, one of the most important things to consider is the shape of your face. A good haircut frames and flatters your facial structure. Round faces can be difficult to work with because a poorly selected haircut can make your face look fat, even if you are actually a fairly slim person.

Medium length haircuts for round faces can be quite flattering. The length of the hair frames the face, and the right styling choices can direct attention to your best features (such as your eyes, or smile) rather than the overall shape of the face.

For best results, ask your stylist to layer your haircut. The shortest layer should be close to your earlobe. Don’t add any layers that are very short, because while those short layers will add volume to your haircut, they will also make your face look rounder.

Sideswept bangs can make medium length haircuts for round faces look beautiful. The bangs should be cut quite long, and hit the cheekbone before merging with the rest of the hair. This breaks up the structure of the face, and has a flattering and slimming effect.

If you are lucky enough to have naturally wavy hair, then you should allow those waves to come out. Gentle waves accent medium length haircuts for round faces, and help to distract from the roundness of your face. To encourage your hair’s natural wave to come out, scrunch your hair between your fingers while you are drying it. If your hair is naturally straight, add a gentle wave using a curling iron.

Round faces tend to look best with simple styles, and minimal coloring. Some gentle highlighting can be an effective accent if you opt for a straight medium length haircut, but it is best to avoid thick streaks of colour and strong highlights. Embrace your hair’s natural colour and take good care of your hair so that its natural beauty comes out. If you feel like you need a helping hand to bring out the best in your hair, use gloss spray and a high quality conditioner.

To keep your hair looking beautiful, towel dry it instead of using a hairdryer. Get your hair trimmed regularly, even if you are trying to grow it out. Regular hair cuts will help to prevent split ends from developing, and keep your hair looking strong and healthy.

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