Low Fade Haircuts Men & Hairstyles Guide

The popularity of low fade haircut dates back to 1950’s. The first fade was created for cadets, who were enlisting in the military and didn’t want to go around with their head simply shaved. Then the fade was rediscovered in the hip hop era and that’s when the imagination ran really wild. Over the years low fade haircuts men have been evolving depending on the latest fashion trends. Hairstylists have been coming up with different options for all types of men out there. Now that over 65 years have passed low taper fade has its rightful place among the most popular and stylish hairstyles in the world.

 Low Fade Haircut Men Is Suitable For?

When you are looking for the right haircut, there are two important things you must consider. One of them is your face shape, another is your hair type. So which face shapes and hair types the low fade haircut men is suitable for? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that this hairstyle suits almost all men out there. There are different variations of low fade haircuts men. All you will need to do is choose the right one depending on your parameters.

Men with oval face shape and thick straight hair can go for absolutely any kind of low fade haircut men out there. Others will need to do some choosing. All will depend on how close to being perfect you want to be. All hairstyles are created to make your face shape look more oval and make your hair type appear as neat as possible. Low fade hairstyle is not an exception. You will find short low fades for guys with unruly hair and long faces. At the same time there are high low fade Mohawks for men with straight hair and round faces.

Low fade haircuts are suitable for men of all occupations. A neat low fade will also be perfect for children and young adults. Thanks to its low maintenance qualities, this hairstyle will be appreciated by men who don’t like hassles in the morning due to a lack of time. There are also low fades out there which will appeal to young males who love making statements with their hair. The shaved part will allow for wonderful patterns, while the top part will make amazing Mohawks.

Overall, it can be said that there is a right low fade haircut for any man out there. It can satisfy even the pickiest types.

Why We Love Low Fade Haircuts Men

Low fade haircuts men are truly amazing for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • There are many different ways to style a low fade cut.
  • There are many different options to make a low fade cut. Which means that any man out there can get it.
  • Fade cuts are perfect for most hair types, including curly and unruly manes and fine and thin hair.
  • Low fade haircuts men never go out of style. The way they are cut might differ, but you can always be sure that when you ask your barber for the low fade, you’ll be getting a fashionable hairstyle.
  • Takes minutes to make. This hairstyle might seem complicated, however, it is quite easy to make and will not force you spend hours in the barber’s chair.
  • Easy to change. If for some reason, you are tired of your low fade haircut, it will take several moments to turn it into something else. For example, it can be a high fade or a mohawk or a military style.
  • Low maintenance. There are many low fade cuts which are very easy to maintain. Forget about spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. A short low fade will make you look amazing without any hassle at all.

We can go on listing reasons why we love low fade haircuts men. Once you get one of them, you will surely find a dozen of your own. In fact, there are absolutely no reasons NOT to love them.

Low Fade Cuts vs High Fade Cuts

A low fade means that your hair “disappears” or “fades” closer to the nape of your neck. A high fade means that the fading will end as high as you wish. It can even be on top of your head, then the hairstyle will be called a mohawk. Here are some pros and cons of both

Pros of Low Fade Cuts: 

  • More room for imagination when styling
  • Fit for any occasion or any occupation


Cons of High Fade Cuts:

  • Not always suitable for office workers
  • Doesn’t fit all face types

Low Fade vs Taper

Both of these hairstyles are very popular and sometimes it seems as though there are no differences. It’s true, the differences are quite slight. However, real specialists can tell one from another. Here is a quick look:

  • Low fade – the hair is trimmed all around the head. The top part is usually short. Great for guys who like low maintenance cuts. Ends with a no-hair hairline
  • Taper – the hair gets shorter while going down the sides and the back. The top is often long. Great for men who like to have some room for styling. Doesn’t need to end with a no-hair hairline.

However you will find that some low fades are made to leave some long hair on top as well as the taper fades. All depends on the client’s wishes.

How to do a low fade haircut Men

  1. Wash and slightly dry your hair.
  2. Use the largest attachment comb to make all your hair the same length. Start in the center of the back of your head.
  3. Visualize the line which will mark the border of the longest hair. Then work below this line to create the hair of different length.
  4. Once you are done with the back part, go on to the temples. The length should be the same as in the back.
  5. Then visualize one more line another inch or two below the first one in order to make the hair a little shorter in that area.
  6. Repeat the above steps for several layers until you reach the ears. You will need to be switching the attachment combs to from largest to smallest. The last line should be shaved.
  7. The top part can be trimmed with scissors if needed.

5 Low Fade Comb Over Styles

1. Long comb over  with a beard

1. Long comb over with a beard

This low fade style is perfect for men who like to flaunt long manes. The sides are cropped to make the transition lines obvious. The top is combed over to create a neat look. A full beard is always a great addition to any hairstyle.

2. Combed over ocean waves

2. Combed over ocean waves

Ocean waves are a great way to style the top of your low fade. They are created with the help of a special comb and a lot of hair gel. This is one of the more complicated styling patterns and will be appreciated by real connoisseurs.

3. Messy volume with low patterns

 Messy volume with low patterns

This amazing hairstyle will attract young men who like making statements. If you really want to stand out of the crowd with your low fade, leave a lot of hair on top for a messy comb over and make some patterns on the shaved part.

4. Neat and sleek

Neat and sleek

This low fade hairstyle is perfect for guys who really care about their solid image. The carefully made side part and a lateral comb over give a very respectable impression. A well groomed full beard will also do wonders for your sleek appearance.

5. Short and simple

Short and simple

This simple clean cut look will be a favorite with office workers. This could be called a classical low fade if not for the lateral comb over. The shorter you make the top part, the less effort you’ll need for styling it in the morning.

5 Low Fade Pompadour Haircut Ideas

1. Outstanding side part

 Outstanding side part

If you want your pompadour low fade haircut men to really stand out of the crowd, make a really obvious side part. This way one of your sides will be arranged in a classical low fade style, while the other one will appear long and unique.

2. Wavy pompadour

 Wavy pompadourIf your hair is wavy, this pompadour is a perfect choice. The hair is faded very low to the nape of your neck and even beyond. The facial hair is styled in accordance with the haircut. And the top wavy locks are arranged in a pompadour.

3. Great arrangement

Great arrangementArranging your long hair in a neat hairstyle is never easy. If you want to sport a long top with a low fade haircut, then you’ll need to learn how to style it. You can comb it over and upwards to create a low pompadour and arrange the strands in a creative manner.

4. Neat and original

Neat and original

If you like unique styles, you will be pleased with this quite original haircut. The top section of the fade is outlined by stripes and the top part is arranged into a neat pompadour. Such hairstyle is great for special occasions.

5. Spiky pompadour

 Spiky pompadourSpikes are always trendy, so why not be stylish and make a spiky pompadour. This pompadour looks amazing with a low taper fade which does a great job outlining it. A stylish beard will do wonders for making the image complete.

5 Low Fade Mohawk Haircut Ideas

1. Textured layers

Textured layersTextured layers on top of your head will look amazing if you choose to make a mohawk. While mohawks can be absolutely outrageous, many of them are quite neat and stylish. Make your choice toward a more solid style.

2. Easy any stylish

Easy any stylishThis low fade comb over is an amazing way to deal with fine hair. The less locks you leave on top, the easier they are to deal with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mohawk styles. They look amazing when combined with a low fade.

3. Pump up the volume

Pump up the volumeIf you like volume and are not afraid of hair care, this incredible mohawk is for you. The sides are neatly arranged into a low fade and the top is left long enough for voluminous experiments. Style it as wild as you wish!

4. Get close to the classics

Get close to the classicsThis hairstyle might seem a little wild, however it is closer to a classical low fade than you think. The sides and back are trimmed to achieve a more or less low fade, while the top is styled upwards to become a mix of a mohawk and a pompadour.

5. Short spikes

Short spikesThis low fade will be appreciated by guys who are into sports. The spikes are very popular among the young generation, while the short and neat haircut will allow you not to care about your hair while jogging or playing basketball.

15 Different Low Fade Haircuts Men

1. Long bangs

Long bangsIf you have always wanted a low fade but were not happy with cutting off most of your hair, then this style is for you. You will cut short all the hair on the sides and in the back, so it will not get in your way and leave the top long enough to play around with. Long bangs are always in style!

2. High and mighty

High and mightyIf you like volume, you will appreciate this low voluminous fade. If your hair is long and thick, you can leave the the top quite long and arrange it into high styles. Such haircut will require some hair care, but the result is really wonderful.

3. Color experiments

Color experimentsWhether you choose an intricate pompadour or a high mohawk, color experiments are always welcome. For a special occasion you can try experimenting with absolutely wild colors, which can be easily washed off afterwards.

4. Stripes

StripesA great way to outline your low fade will be to add some thick stripes. This hairstyle is hard to achieve at home, so ask your hairstylist for some help. The top can vary from high and complicated to short and easy to maintain. The stripes will need frequent touch ups.

5. Large pompadour

If you are looking for something unique, a large pompadour can save your day. You will need to keep the hair on top quite long, while the bottom part is styled into a low fade. Don’t forget to sport a beard. It is always a great idea for any image.

6. Textured spikes

Textured spikes are amazing for any low fade. If you add the stripes to outline the fading levels, the hairstyle will become even more unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing different styles. The result will really impress you.

7. Shape the fade

This is a perfect hairstyle for guys with round faces. A low shaped fade will allow you to make your face seem more elongated. The sides are carefully trimmed to provide a very neat and shaped up look. The top is left to be about 3 inches long

8. Short and side parted

If your hairline is receding, then this low fade is for you. Cut the hair as short as possible, make a side part and comb the hair to one side. This way the focused will be shifted from the receding hairline to fashionably styled hair.

9. Long locks

Like long locks but hate caring for them? A low fade with long top is a way out for you. The sides are neat and short, which helps you forget about regular touch ups. The top is left as long as you wish for all kinds of styling.

10. Mohawk with a beard

A low fade is often used to outline another element of the hairstyle. So, if you want to get an incredible mohawk, then a low fade on the sides will do a great job highlighting it. Want to flaunt a full beard? Fading hair on the temples will make it look even more impressive.

11. Low fade with neat spikes

Spikes are always in style. So, getting a low fade with neat spikes is a no lose option. If your hair is thick and hard to manage, textured spikes are a great way out. The hair on your temples can slowly fade to transition into a beard.

12. Very low fade

Low fade haircuts men can run as low as the nape of your neck and go even further. Depending on where your hairline ends, the haircut can be as low as you wish. It will look great contrasting with a high top, such as a mohawk or a pompadour.

13. Obvious layers

Sometimes low fade can look great if the layers are as obvious as in a taper. You can make the contrast between the layers big enough to make everyone notice. Neat fades are stylish, but unique ones are what makes the heads turn.

14. Design experiments

Wherever there is a shaved area, there is always room for designs. Since low fade can be created to make the shaved area rather large, the room for imagination is quite big. You can start with simple stripes and go on to more complicated patterns.

15. Shape up

One of the low fade options is a shape up. The fade is made very low while the rest of the hair is left quite long. The fade’s purpose is to outline the rest of the hair. Such hairstyle is popular among black men with curly manes.

How to Choose The Best Option for You

If after looking through a myriad of low fade options, you are feeling a little lost, then we can help you choose. First thing you must consider is your face type. The perfect face type is oval. If your face is such, then you can choose your preferred low fade by considering the hair type only. If your shape is anything other than oval, then you will be choosing fade that will make it seem as close to perfect as possible. High mohawks are great for round and square faces. Short and neat styles are suitable for elongated and heart shaped face types.

All types of outrageous and wild hairstyles are better chosen for round and oval faces. Elongated face owners should appreciate short styles with designs and patterns. Once you have settled with the face shape, the time has come to deal with the hair type. Voluminous hairstyles are not good for guys with fine and damaged hair. Your should go for more simple styles, that don’t require too much maintenance and hair product use, in order not to damage your hair even further. Guys with thick and unruly hair can go for low Mohawks and shape ups. Men with thick and straight hair will love pompadours and comb overs.

Maintaining a Low Fade Hairstyle: Some Tips

Here are some tips for maintaining your favorite low fade style. In time you will come up with your own as well:

  1. If you are sporting a long top low fade, then make sure to always keep your hair clean. Owners of greasy hair will need to wash their manes on a daily basis, otherwise the hairstyle will look unkempt.
  2. Make sure to do frequent touch ups. This is important for all types of fades. Hair doesn’t grow regularly. So,  if the length is not cropped on a regular basis, the fade will lose its appearance very soon.
  3. Don’t apply hair gel to the faded sides and back. It is absolutely useless. While hair gel is great for styling the long top part, the sides will look neat without it. Too much gel will ruin the faded look.
  4. Don’t use the hair dryer on the top part of your low fade. You will damage your hair and will need to think about less complicated hairstyles. Let it dry naturally.

Now we have told you almost all there is to know about low fade haircuts men. Of course, there is always more to learn from your own experience. For many years people have been enjoying this amazing hairstyle and all its variations. You will surely appreciate it as well. Getting a low fade is a great idea for any man of any occupation. It looks great on any occasion. Give low fade a try!

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