Ways to Treat Ethnic Hair

Ways to Treat Ethnic Hair

Wherever girls are, either black or white, they often complain about their hair, whether it looks too curly, too fine, too straight, or too dull. As a human being, it is naturally to complain over something, like complaining about hair. However, since ethnic hair is really unique compared to others, it is quite prone and fragile so it sometimes experiences damage and injury. But don’t you worry, girls, because there are fine solutions written and shown on internet to help you overcome or at least minimize that injury as well as keeping your hair loses beautifully. Without ethnic hair extensions, black girls have already looked stunning and wonderful because of the curl or wave.

Due to the uniqueness that is rarely seen in other hair styles, ethnic hair should be handled carefully. It is not simple as anyone ever thought.

A girl with this kind of hair should make a regular schedule to cut it every six weeks. Not only to cut, it also covers hair treatment made and designed specifically for black girl’s hair. After all treatment is done, she needs to wait for apparently two weeks if she wants to get her hair colored or highlighted. It is aimed to relax each strand of hair until it gets ready to receive these kinds of hair stylings. However, she does not need to wait for certain period of time if she only wants to take nutritional treatments. Another problem, that also turns to be everyone’s problem, is itchy scalp. For black girl’s hair, instead of applying greasy lotions, it is strongly recommended to use moisturizing products. So how to take care a black girl’s hair in the right ways?

Reduce the use of shampoo for ethnic hair

Ethnic hair care must be started from the use of shampoo. For ages we have known that shampoo has two different sides, positive and negative. Some said that using too much shampoo will lead to dry hair or dandruff, while others claim that shampoo will rinse effectively dirt from the scalp. But today we are not going to talk about what kinds of results that shampoo could give to us. Instead of applying shampoo, go with conditioner. Composed by the same products used to create laundry detergent, it feared would make the hair becomes drier. However, if you cannot ‘get rid of’ shampoo from your habit, then keep in mind to make comparison where 50% shampoo and 50% water. There is another thing to remember, drying soap is less recommended than a mud rinse.

Choose organic products 

Have you ever heard of ingredients like petrolatum and mineral oils? If one day you visit a market and jump to products containing them, it is better to avoid unless you want your hair becomes drier and loses its moisture. That is why for decades organic products are better to choose and use.

You can have products with natural oils coming from coconut oil, almond and jojoba oils for instance. However, in selecting the products, you must be smart to distinguish the terms of natural and organic. Natural does not always mean free from any harm contents. For corporations, the term of natural can have several meanings. For example, an orange soda labeled as natural due to the content of orange flavoring. Meanwhile, organic is the term to point out that products are not defined, designed and made from antibiotics, toxic chemicals and pesticides. In other words, “organic” is safe for humans.

Be selective in choosing ethnic hair products

Surely products are sold either cheaper or too expensive. Sometimes we consider several things to spend our money on hair products. We may think whether it is important to have right now or could be delayed. So if money does not seem a matter to you, you can have ethnic hair products like Cream of Nature Line or Ultra Black Hair. Olive oil, grape seed or jojoba oil is also allowed to apply. However, if you seem to care about money, then why don’t you try to create your own hair products? Let’s pay close attention to Aloe Vera as it has similar pH with your hair―for your information, 4 is the pH of your hair. Aloe Vera is really effective to smooth and shine the hair.

Don’t shop for grease and use it on scalp or ethnic hair

Petroleum is a hazardous ingredient for hair since it can cause stiffness, grease and dryness. So for those with ethnic hair, it is suggested to stop the use of products contain petroleum, especially “grease”. Castor, coconut, olive and jojoba are the instances of natural oils which are good to apply for your hair. Besides, you may have natural conditioners and shampoos because there are no sodium, sulfates, and preservatives therein. With these products also, you have the opportunity to make your hair shinny. Girls cannot deny that most of them use heat styling products that may induce injury and damage. Before doing that, it would be better to apply grape seed as this light oil can hold out high temperatures.

Keep your ethnic hair away from the heat

Lots of ethnic hair styles provided on internet or on ethnic hair salons. They give varied choices of how to look stunning and beautiful. Unfortunately, too much heat on hair would not bring any good. If the use of heat used to be your habit before being off to college or work, then you should try to decrease it at least to two times in a month. A heat protection moisturizer and shampoo are the two important tools you should have when your hair often get styled, like curling or ironing.

Protein treatment is worth to try

You do not need to use a protein treatment as much as you can―once a month is enough. There are many protein treatments sold but you can create your own by using egg. Well, we all know that egg is the best source of protein. Protein is created to have healthy benefits, and one of them is to decrease over-moisturizing and breakage in your hair. So now give the best time for your ethnic hair to shine!

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