11 Best Hairstyles For Women With Afro Hair

11 Best Hairstyles For Women With Afro Hair 

1. Natural Long Curls

natural long curls

When it comes to curls it is important to treat them right with a nice oil to give it this amazing shine. We highly recommend a product like Moroccan oil which works great on this type of curly hair and also smells so good!

2. Untamed Curled Beauty

untamed curles beauty

Spending hours on taming your hair is always fun but very time consuming. For those casual days out why not keep it simple and just let those curls roam loosely and wildly. Not only is this look wild & sexy but its easy to maintain and wont hold you up hours in front of a mirror.

3. Asymmetri Long Bob

asymmetri long bob

Stunning how the hairstylist nailed this look spot on with the beautiful angle of the bangs falling beautifully and seamlessly into her long flat ironed hair giving this hairstyle a cool futuristic vibe.

4. Sexy Afro

sexy afro

Afros are slowly coming back with good reasons if maintained properly the Afro cut looks absolutely astonishing and is such an exotic yet classy if matched with the proper attire.

5. Gorgeous Cornrows mixed with Long Braids

The simplicity in the design of these cornrows which fall into some lovely thick braids look totally outstanding and very trendy.

6. Natural Long Braids

natural long braids

Braiding your hair into long beautiful black braids not only looks astonishing when the braids are done properly but also is a great and natural yet very attractive hairstyle.

7. Sexy Red Dreadlocks

sexy red dreadlocks

This gorgeous and extremly exotic red hairstyle looks sexy as hell and extravagant which is a great look for bold women who dare trying something different and like to stand out of the crowd. To top off the crazy color the dreadlocks are twisted into some beautiful kinky messy curls which ads even more pizzazz to this oh so hot look! Maintenance could be quite a challenge especially with the flashy color but if you are willing to put up with the required care and treatment needed this looks is a definite yes for women who are a little more daring. Let us know what you guys think about this one in the comments below.

8. Thick Fishtail Braid

thick fishtail braid

Wow this fishtail braid is done to perfection! We absolutely love the thickness behind this one really giving it a lot of volume braided into such tight and silky fishtails all the way to the bottom securing the braid by wrapping strands of hair around the top of the braid and bottom which is a great way of hiding any elastics used on this hairstyle.

9. Solange Curled & Parted Hairdo

solange curled parted hairdo

When it comes to keeping it natural and sexy Solange knows just how to accomplish just that! Women with curls around the world always spend a fortune on trying to get their hair straight when leaving it curled and untames looks just as nice if not nicer! Ladies let those curls go free and wildly.

10. Cute Natural Afro-like Curls

cute natural afro like curls

When it comes to natural curls why hide them or straighten them when they look as sexy and trendier than your typical straightened hair? Look how lovely this natural afro looks, just so wild and all over the place in such a beautiful manner. Obviously there is a lot of maintenance in getting your hair to look this healthy but regardless of the efforts it is well worth it and really stands out.

11. Crochet Beanie Afro

crochet beanie afro

Beanies are so versatile, it doesn´t matter if your hair is short or long, straight or afro, you will always be able to rock your own style with a beanie. Your afro will look smashing by simply tucking in the back of your hair inside the beanie.

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