5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

5 Cool Hairstyles For Men

1. Messy and Sexy

Messy and Sexy

Well this cut is not for everyone and not every lady is willing to put up with the rebellious hobo look. But some men do rock it well and if done properly and worn with the proper attire this look is hell of sexy and very desirable. The untamed beard compliments just perfectly the wet and messy bangs which is a must. If you do not have an unshaved beard I would highly suggest you stray away from this cut it might not be for you.

2. Classy Faux hawk

Classy Faux hawk

When it comes to classy hairdos for men who said you have to stick with a conventional hairstyle, why not try a cool fauxhawk and give it a nice comb as seen on this picture. Sweep it to the side with a comb applying a little gel to give it that silky classy look and voila!

3. messy-spikes


Most men with very short hair ask me how they can change their look depending on the event but always look polished. I suggest you use some texturing paste and fingers to make each strand messy for a sexy rock look, bringing the sides forward, and to sweep the frontal part to the side. spray and go!

4. Pumped-up Pompadour

Pumped-up Pompadour

Looking for that little soming that will make the ladies melt? Then I would recommend this pompadour fringe styled up towards the back, while keeping the sides very short to focus on the mohawk and elongating your features. Style with your fingers with paste and spray!You will rock that look!

5. Messy Avant-Garde

 Messy Avant-Garde

We are still on the fence with this one it looks a little all over the place but regardless of our opinion there is still a je ne sais quoi about this cut that really is alluring and keeps our eyes staring. Maybe its in the attitude of how its worn or maybe its just that the man in this shot is irresistible but regardless of that this is a great Avant-Garde hairdo and definitely trendy and pushing the envelope.

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