6 Short Hairstyles Ideas for Women

6 Short Hairstyles Ideas for Women

1. Short Cute Pixie

Short Cute Pixie

Who loves those short cute pixies? One thing is for sure we love them and keep posting them with good reason. Its insane how many women have opted for the short cuts. Especially with winter around the corner we would think women would shy away from cutting it too short which is not the case! So ladies if you have never tried a short pixie now is the best time to give it a shot.

2. Short Pixie with a nice Flare

Short Pixie with a nice Flare

Summer around the corner is 1 good reason to cut off some length and give your medium or long hairstyle a short flare! For the daring ladies out there try out this cool and edgy pixie cut.

3. Wear Bangs For a Change

 Wear Bangs For a Change

Just one small change and you can practically make miracles! Wear a bang from time to spice up your everyday look, choose the length that best accentuates your eyes and facial features. Bangs are super functional they look great on round faces.

4. Asian Bob

Asian Bob

If you think of it the structure of the different hairstyles around the globe is sheer genius, methods are revolutionized every minute with only one goal in mind: to flatter your face. Asian hairstyles are meant to bring out the best features of an Asian face thus Asian bobs are usually cut at the neckline and bobbed up around the edge, very subtle layers are also added to give the haircut a lightweight and refreshing look.

5. Great Frizzy Hairstyle

Great Frizzy Hairstyle

Check out this easy and chick style that you can take if you are on that stage were you are trying to let you hair grow back again. To make this medium short Curly Hairstyles you should start with naturally wavy or curly hair and this after adding a volume-enhancing mousse to dry using a diffuser attachment.

6. The Beautiful Bob

The Beautiful Bob

The classic and beautiful bob is always an amazing option for all face types, however each face type might need a small variation in the length.  This length is just perfect as it showcases the natural beauty of the face and the bangs highlights the eyes.

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