A Guide to Medium Length Layered Haircuts

Are you thinking about changing your appearance by getting a new haircut? Many people that try to improve their self-confidence, and the way that they look, while often choose to style their hair differently. Although there are many different haircuts that you can get, one of the best is a medium length layered haircut. This is a very trendy style that has been around for many decades. However, choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world. Let’s take a look at the best medium length layered haircuts that are available today, haircuts that can definitely change the way that you look for the better.

Medium Length Layered Haircuts – What Are They?

When you hear the term medium length layered haircut, you should have a general idea of how this will look. In most cases, your hair is cut around shoulderlength, either a little above, or slightly below. The idea is to create a significant amount of depth to the appearance of your hair, something that the hair stylist will do after the initial cut is made.

Popularity Of Medium Length Layered Haircuts

One of the primary reasons that this type of haircut is so popular with women is because it’s easy to maintain. Women with long hair may have to spend several hours washing their hair, drying it, and getting it to a state of perfection. Although longer hair might provide a woman with more flair and possibilities, long hair is more difficult to manage, and therefore medium length haircuts can sometimes be preferable.

Women that cut their hair short might risk having a less feminine appearance. You need to have the right facial shape in order to sport a shorter hairdo. The typical pixie cut that some women prefer usually looks better with a more rounded face. However, in the end, it really comes down to how much work you want to put into your hair. The medium length layered hairdo, therefore, is a happy medium for those that want to have more style options, yet will have less hair to manage on a daily basis.

Different Medium Length Layered Styles

There are quite a few different styles that are extremely trendy right now that you can consider for your medium length hair cut. One of the most popular is called the “Bob”, a very simple hairstyle that can work with several facial types. There are different varieties of the “Bob” hairdo including curly, flippy and sleek. This hairdo can be enhanced by adding textured bangs and multiple layers, allowing you to get additional volume in your hair though you will have so much less to work with.

Speaking of layers, you can also have a layered medium length hairdo. This type of style allows you to easily frame your hair around your face. As mentioned before, having more curvature in your facial structure is very important when using this type of hairstyle. It works especially well if you have high cheekbones which can be emphasized by this type of haircut very easily. You can also add curls to the medium length cut, which will hold much longer with this shorter style. Straight cuts are also popular, providing a stunning appearance for all to see, especially when you add curls, fringes, ringlets, waves and bangs to the hairdo itself.

Although there are many other styles to consider with a medium length layered haircut, this should give you a basic overview of what to expect. If you currently have long hair, and you would prefer having a hairdo that is much more manageable, yet still stylish, medium length layered hair cuts are definitely a style for you.

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