Best home hair clippers

Having your hair cuts at home can actually save you & your family money. The best home hair clippers can enable you to make quick, good looking haircuts on yourself or family members without the need to go to the barber shop for one.

Top 3 Best Home Hair Clippers 

Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro 

Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro

This Hair Clipper Kit one of the top rated clipper on Amazon. Some of the great features are the high-speed motor that cuts through thick hair quite smooth. The awesome high-carbon steel blades are always lined up so you never need to adjust them & there are also scissors, a neck duster & a barber’s cape included in the hair clipper kit


  • Affordable price
  • The clipper does not get too warm
  • The video instruction on DVD is very helpful
  • The motor has a long lifespan
  • Very easy to use
  • Five-year warranty

Philips Norelco QC5055 Power Hair Clipper


This Hair Clipper gets quite good customer reviews, particularly since it’s affordable. It is a powerful device that comes with three hair clipper combs & up to 15 length options. If you have thick curly hair, you will like the turbo power option simply because with this option the blades run efficiently through the hair. You can utilize it with or without the power cord.


  • Great value for money
  • You can utilize the hair clipper for forty minutes or more without the power cord
  • Easy to clean
  • Also useful for trimming facial hair

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper 

Oster’s Model 10 Heavy Duty Detachable Blade Clipper is liked by professionals, and it is no shock as to why! Its strong motor is of universal caliber, making it possible for heavy-duty use. A removable 000 blade can simply be replaced utilizing any Classic 76 blade, enabling for a precise cut regardless of what length you are searching for. An included blade guard enables you to keep your unit in good condition while its ten foot power cord makes it very easy to use anywhere.


  • High quality & durable
  • Able to cut through thick hair
  • Strong and reliable motor
  • Does not get hot even after heavy use
  • All parts are serviceable and replaceable

How to Use Hair Clippers ?


The motor is an important factor when choosing a hair clipper. You can pick hair clippers with universal motor, rotary or pivot. Pivot motors are more powerful to use in cutting wet or thicker hair. Magnetic motors don’t have as much power as Pivot motors, but the rotor blades move much quicker. Rotary motors are bigger & weigh more than the other 2 types, but they give the combination of quick moving blades.

Attachment Guides 

Most hair clippers nowadays have attachment guides ranging from 1/16 to 1 inch. These are really important because when you’re cutting your own hair, what length do you actually need to attach to the clipper to execute your personal hair style?

Clipper Blades

Clipper blades have sizes which range from 0.2mm to 13mm. Most clippers have blades manufactured from high-carbon steel & designed to be self-sharpening. There’re blades which are made of qualified Zirconium Oxide that conducts less heat. There’re also those that are made of titanium for longevity. You can take a look at these types of blades when purchasing a hair clipper.


Guards are superb to have with your clippers. They allow you to create the hairstyle that you desire, no matter what the length. Guards help you taper your trim, cuts slightly off the top and a lot more.


Most of the hair clippers, today have different designs particularly the body. Some are constructed with metals like aluminum & some are constructed with high-quality plastic material. Ergonomically designed clippers are those that match comfortably to your hand.

Ease of Maintenance

Among the most important factors you should know about is to maintain clipper performance at its best. Nowadays hair clippers have maintenance materials integrated in the box such as brush, lubricant & maintenance manuals. You require these materials to keep your clipper running for years.

Where to Buy Best Home Hair Clippers ? 

Most suitable place to buy best home hair clippers online shopping store like Amazon. Amazon is the best place to purchase the top rated and affordable hair clippers. Amazon offers all categories of hair clippers at different budget range. Amazon also gives you the comprehensive hair clippers reviews from the worldwide customers & assists you to pick the particular clippers based on your needs.


Obtaining the best home hair clipper is a pretty simple task. Just go for one that’s powerful enough to stand up to the types of hair that you’ll be cutting & one that comes with the features and accessories that you desire.

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