Testing the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair Mask Review

Neutrogena Triple Moisture review

Neutrogena Triple Moisture

Deep Hair Mask Review

One of the things I love the most about hair is that depending  on how you style it or color it, it can put a different twist to your overall look. For example, classic curls can make anyone look like they are heading off to a formal party, while messy curls often give off the summer vibe. In much the same way, a single solid hair color gives off the straightforward no-nonsense persona, whereas color with highlights and lowlights often makes a person look fun and more approachable.

Though hair can do so much for you, everything you do to your hair can damage it and ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. Whether you get permanent curls, have it chemically straightened, or dye it a different color, anything you do to your hair that involves harsh chemicals can destroy it. Dyeing is one of the worst, especially if you have dark hair and have to bleach it before applying the actual color. Hair can become really dull and lifeless! Luckily, having blond hair, I’ve never had this problem because hair color takes to my hair quite well. However, it doesn’t mean that my hair isn’t affected or doesn’t sustain damage from being dyed.

Damaged hair is one of the hardest things to fix. Often it is because there are so many issues to address, such as dryness, split ends, frizz, dullness, etc.  Those very serious about fixing the problems usually go to a salon and have their stylist address each one in what is usually several long sessions. However, this process gets expensive, so many people turn to home products for alternatives.

Honestly speaking, it is hard to find an alternative product that can fix everything, especially since the only way to fix split ends is to cut them off! Also, most products that can actually fix everything are on the pricey side. The one product that I know comes quite close, however, while being affordable is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair Mask. Using intense moisturization, it is formulated to rehabilitate dry, over-processed, and color-treated hair

This hair product is one of the best ways I know to help your hair rest from all the chemicals you’ve been throwing at it. It also makes a good maintenance regimen for your hair if you like styling or dyeing it often and your dyeing process involves bleach. I actually didn’t look for this product myself. Rather, my mother bought it for me because she said my hair was starting to look “fried.” Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to try it right away! Following the instructions, I used it after shampooing, focusing on working the product onto the tips of my hair. It’s meant to be left on for five minutes and then rinsed off.

I knew Neutrogena wouldn’t let me down! After just towel drying my hair, I could already see results! What I really liked about the product is that it made my hair soft, shiny, and silky, which are amazing first results considering how bad the condition of my hair was prior to its use! It had a really nice soft scent to it, which left my hair smelling clean. I also liked that it made hair so manageable that I didn’t have to worry about blowing it dry. This mask left my hair tangle-free, which meant all I had to do was comb through it and I was good to go!

On the other hand, what kind of put me off about this product is that it comes in 6oz jars. This is a fairly decent amount, though it doesn’t last long if you have either thick hair or long hair. Also because the soft and silky shine lasted a couple of days, and then I felt like I had to use it again. I’m not sure if this was because my hair was severely damaged or because this is really how long the product lasts. So the only recommendation I can make with regard to this problem is to use it only when you really need it, say once a week. During the rest of the week, use a good conditioner.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair Mask is one product that I’d recommend to anyone who needs to bring life back into their hair or who needs a weekly regimen to help keep their hair healthy despite frequent chemical processing. When used often, it’s sure to give you beautiful and natural looking hair! See what others have to say about Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair Mask by clicking on the blue links!

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