Electrolysis Hair Removal

Hair removal techniques have been common these days. It has become a trend to be hair-free, laser techniquesare always considered being the most effective surgery to get rid of excessive hairs. But there are many other techniques over Laser surgery. One of the very popular hair removal techniques are Electrolysis.

Bleaching, Shaving, plucking, threading, waxing are few methods to remove hairs, but they do not provide long lasting effects and also cause more skin problems than electrolysis. You can use this permanent hair removal surgery to remove hairs from almost any part of the body such as face, back, legs, upper lip, chin, beard, underarm, armpit, buttocks and even pubic.

I am writing this article to give you better knowledge on Electrolysis so that you can take your decision based on facts but, not on assumptions. I will try my best to cover each and every thing about electrolysis hair removal surgery.

Process of Electrolysis 

Firstly, I would like to explain what exactly the electrolysis hair removal surgery is to my readers. Electrolysis method was first applied to a patient who has ingrown eyelash in his eye. It was performed by an ophthalmologist named Dr. Charles E. Michael in 1874. Afterwards, this surgery was modified for the whole body hair removal surgery.

  • Electrolysis is a process in which hairs are removed with the help electric current and a special needle called epilator.
  • The current diminishes the hair thickness and destroys the hair follicle which prevents the hair to grow again.
  • A special probe is used to pierce the hair follicle and the hairs are pulled out with forceps without causing any kind of pain to the patient.
  • Electrolysis is a lengthy process. It takes a minute to remove one hair.

Important Note: Electrolysis is the only hair removal surgery which is safe, effective and the most important it is approved by American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration. 

Different Types of Electrolysis Process 

Basically, there are three types of electrolysis hair removal surgery. Let us discuss them in a very brief manner so that you can have an idea to choose the best one for you.

  • Galvanic Electrolysis: In this type, various chemicals are used to destroy the hair follicle. It is a slow process but very effective.
  • Short Wave Electrolysis: It is much faster process than the Galvanic. The problem in this process is that it is not that effective.
  • Blend Electrolysis: As the name suggests, it is a combination of both. It is effective as well as faster process.

Choosing the best type of surgery according to your skin is essential. It is the duty of your dermatologist to observe your skin carefully before suggesting the best type of surgery.
Performance Analysis 

  • Almost every hair removal surgery causes pain. Same goes with electrolysis process. But this process gives tingling pain which can be avoided with the help of anesthesia (a prescribed drug).
  • Besides the pain factor, it is the safer option than any other hair removal methods such as waxing and shaving which causes lots of pain.
  • Electrolysis is the only hair removal surgery which does not cause any skin problems such as irritation and discoloration due to chemicals which is common in other surgeries.
  • Electrolysis hair removal treatment is not limits to the people having light skin.

Need a Qualifies Electrologist 

  • You need a qualified Electrologist who understands the process very well. He must be experienced and must have done a number of surgeries before.
  • Make sure the Electrologist you are choosing should be Certified Professional Electrologist by Board of Electrologist Certification.
  • You need to be cautious in choosing a reputed clinic which guarantees the permanent removal of skin.
  • If you end up in finding an unqualified Electrologist, you may risk your skin as well as hairs. A wrong treatment can give you permit skin problems. So, keep your eyes open while choosing your doctor.
  • Don’t forget to check the reviews of the online website of the clinic you have chosen for surgery.
  • One of the most important to be taken in consideration is the price or cost your Electrologist is charging. Compare the price with other clinics nearby.

Is This Surgery Permanent? 

It is said to be the one of the most effective and permanent hair removal surgery, but for many people, this surgery does not result in permanent hair removal. Results of electrolysis surgery vary from skin to skin. For one, it may be the best one, but on the other hand, it may be partial hair removal surgery. You need to visit a dermatologist (skin doctor) to know the best hair removal surgery for your skin.

Does It Hurt? 

Electrolysis surgery reports a tingling sensation, but it does not last long. It is suggested not to perform this surgery at home. This pain is not common and professional always have anesthesia for those patients who feels pain more than average. It is your responsibility to find professional doctors to get safe results.

Advantages of Electrolysis 

Electrolysis treatments said to be the most popular hair removal surgery. Here are few advantages which may help in taking your decision to choose this surgery:

  •  It is the safest treatment.
  •  It does not cause pain.
  • It is the only their removal treatment approved treatment by FDA.
  • It does not have any side-effects.
  • The major advantage over LASER therapy is that it can perform on any skin color in a very effective manner.

Disadvantages of Electrolysis Surgery 

Besides all the benefits, electrolysis hair removal surgery also has few drawbacks. Let us discuss them in a few manners.

  • It is very time consuming process. In this surgery, hair is treated one by one.
  • It is very expensive treatment. This surgery may cost around $50 for an hour session.
  •  It requires 4-5 sitting sessions to get successful results.
  •  It cannot be treated for wider areas.
  • It is very slow process.

Electrolysis is a method to treat excessive hairs over body. Hair removal surgeries are very popular among females. It is advised to choose your Electrologist and dermatologist very carefully. You cannot take a risk by choosing a wrong professional. Do your research well.

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