Tria Laser Hair Removal – Get Rid Those Hairs

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from our body. The latest technology to get rid of that hair is by laser hair removal treatment which is available at salons. Unfortunately, the typical methods usually take a lot of time and expensive. However, there is an innovative product that has become so popular these days, named as “Tria Laser Hair Removal”. This treatment is less expensive yet gives the similar results as the common laser hair removal equipment at salons. Below are some facts that you need to know about Tria laser hair removal

Is this treatment safe? 

The Tria system has been certified by the FDA, and everyone can use it conveniently at home. Simply follow the instructions manual which is available in the box.

How does the Tria laser system work? 

This treatment is using a diode laser technology through a process named as selective photothermolysis. In the procedure, a wavelength of light is aimed to the target which is a skin area. Then the light is absorbed by the skin and damaging the hair follicles inside it. Thus, the hair cannot regrowth as a result of the heat produced.

How long does for completely remove the hair? 

To make sure your hair follicles are damage and your hair stop to grow, the treatment should be conducted for several weeks or months. In some cases, the hair that will grow back will only thin and light.

How to do the treatment? 

It is quite simple and easy. First, you need to charging the device and then selecting 3 levels of density. Place the device onto the area where the unwanted hair wants to be removed for a couple of seconds.

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