Flower Bun – How it’s Made

Flower Bun Hairstyle

The flower bun is a perfect and easy to do hairstyle that you can wear for a holiday party, a night out or just for a casual walk in the park. It is considered a last minute hairdo because it’s simple to make and you can create it in 5 minutes. It is fancy enough to wear it to a party or urban enough to go with an edgy look.
This hairstyle is a variation inspired from the Dutch flower braid. It looks pretty, classy and elegant and can be worn at a wedding, a prom but is also cute enough to wear it at the office.

flower bun

Flower Bun – How it’s Made

For girls who have thin hair, this hairstyle is great because you will achieve a bun that is larger and has more volume. You need the following hair products: bobby pins, hairspray, dry wash, hair elastics, a brush and a comb.
The time required is from 5 to 7 minutes, and the skill level is medium. We say that with a little bit of dexterity you will have a beautiful flower bun.

Flower Bun
For a summer look you can combine the flower bun with braids. You can opt for a waterfall style that is perfect for the warmer days or for going to the beach. This hairstyle has a boho feel and we suggest you to try it.
You can opt for a sleek and impeccable bun or for a messy one. The messy hairstyle is very popular and can make your boring hair to look effortless chic. We like the messy flower bun because it won’t make you look like you are over-dressed or that you tried to hard. The proper messy bun will add style to your outfit and people will totally like it and appreciate your casual look.
When you are going to the movies with the girls, having fun with your best friend, working or going into a trip this hairstyle can be the perfect choice for a romantic yet casual approach.

Flower Bun

You don’t need flowers in your hair to be ready for spring; you can create a flower bun that is adorable, easy and romantic.

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