How to Get Wavy Hair – Wavy Hairstyles Tips

 how to get wavy hair

Wavy hairstyles always involve curves and bends for the hair. It may also have wave-like formations for the hair. However, wavy hairstyles can be great if the hair has natural waves. But natural waves may disappear throughout time cause by several factors such as medications, hormones, health and time. Wavy hairstyles are done with the use of some cutting techniques and determinations of some weight on the hair shaft.

If you aimed for perfect wavy hairstyles, it is best to hire a trained or professional hairstylist who knows how to groom and cut wavy hair because weight and shape will always play very important role for styling wavy hair. If the stylist is not good enough, then the look of your desired wavy hairstyles will result into a disaster or breakage of particular looks.

For those who have straight hairs, you can still achieve your desired wavy hairstyles because there are already specially-made chemicals and rollers that can give natural waves for your hair. With just minimal arrangements of these products on your straight hair, wavy hairstyles will then be resulted.

On the contrary, wavy hairstyles can also be transformed into straight hairstyles with the use of various styling products such as hair straighteners and blow dryers, as well as styling aids.

Wavy hair is always in during summer time though it may require very minimal maintenance. This hairstyle can be worn from day time to night time especially if your wavy hair has loose curls.

How to Get Wavy Hair – Wavy Hairstyles Tips 

Wavy hairstyles are always easy yet glamorous and free to look at. Here are some popular steps that you can follow in how to get wavy hair that you desire:

  •  It is important to wash your hair first with a shampoo before doing the wavy hairstyle however applying some conditioner on the hair is not advisable if you’re creating waves on your hair because it would be harder to curl the hair when conditioner is applied on.
  • In drying the hair, use a blow dryer with a maximum heat of only 90% or if possible towel dry the hair.
    To start creating the waves on the hair, wrap some big sections of the hair using medium or large barrels of curling iron.
  • In holding the tips of the hair, use an iron clamp and then twist it upward. Ensure that only halfway length of the hair is to be curled otherwise you will be creating waviness to the full of the hair.
  • To keep the curls from holding, use a strong hairspray that will keep the waves last longer. Do no use too strong or too much hairspray otherwise your waves will end up into brittle and hard curls.
  • Use some finishing products that will end the flyaway strands on your hair.

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