Face Slimming Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women are more concerned and particular about their looks as compared to men. They need the best looks that would go nicely with their body shape. Their dress, shoes, makeup, nail paint, jewelry and everything else has to be something that makes them look absolutely pretty on different occasions or even on normal days. While these exterior elements enhance her outer beauty, a woman’s natural attributes like her facial features, hair and other bodily features also make huge differences in her looks. These elements are particularly important when choosing face slimming hairstyles for round faces or for any other face shape for that matter.

Of all the elements which can make a woman look beautiful, hair is one of the most important ones as it can either make the look or ruin it. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know which type of hairstyles would suit you and make you look more attractive, instead of messing up your whole look and ruining all the efforts you put in the other beautifying elements.

When we talk about having a suitable hairstyle, it means choosing a hairstyle that suits your face shape. For women with round faces, it is extremely important to choose face slimming hairstyles that will not make you look chubby. Although chubby cheeks can be cute, face slimming hairstyles that touch your cheeks will make a much more delightful and attractive look. The most suitable option for a person with a round face is a medium length hairstyle.

Face Slimming Hairstyles

Medium length hair which is layered and straight is a great choice for women with round face shapes. The layers make the hair look thicker and beautify the face with an enhanced look. Curled hair also adds some charisma and appeal to the individual. Both of these hairstyles are face slimming hairstyles since they reduce the roundness of the face and make you look as if you have a slim face.

Some of the most wonderful face slimming hairstyles for round faces that make chubby faces more attractive consist of layers, bob cuts, unique updos and pretty ponytails.

The more you stick to the basic rules, the better your hair will look. Having sleek, straight and medium length hair continues to be a rather sufficient hairstyle for round faces since it reduces the roundness of the face with its straightness. However, it is undoubtedly a terrible idea to have fine, long hair as it would make a narrow framework around the face. Instead of slimming down the face, it would draw more attention to your chubby cheeks and make your face look bigger.

Although curls are great face slimming hairstyles, it does not go well with certain hair textures such as for those who have extremely straight hair without even a slight wave in it. These types of women can instead go with layers in their straight hair. Layers help add length to the hair and give the illusion of thickness, which makes your face look slim. Layering is a perfect alternative for women with round faces.

Another great option is to opt for ponytails. As well as being great face slimming hairstyles, ponytails are really attractive and suit many different occasions. Furthermore, unlike most other hairstyles that require a lot of work and time to style it, ponytails are not so tough to handle. Plus, maintaining a ponytail is really easy and more often than not, you won’t even have to fix it every now and then like you would have to with most other hairstyles.

Updos are another great option for women with round faces. It is easy to make such a style and there are a variety of updos to choose from, so there will always be something new to try. When making an updo, it would be much better if you leave just a little hair covering only the cheeks as it would unquestionably give you a much better look.

A bob cut is also a great style for women as it can frame your face nicely and make your face look slimmer. It can also slide along your cheeks and touch the chin, which not only reduces the roundness of your face, but is also extremely cute. For some women, a bob cut also conceals the chubbiness of the face and provides a more stylish and modern look.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for round faces, you need to go with hairstyles that will make your face look long. You need to increase its length, instead of its width. Otherwise, you could end up highlighting your chubby cheeks instead of covering them. Before deciding on any hairstyle, it is better you ask your hairstylist for advice as they will be better able to tell you what’s right for your particular face shape.

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