How You Can Easily Create Curls with Flat Iron

Do you have a flat iron or straightener like I do? If yes, then you probably regret buying it because what you think is that it is only good for straightening, but hey, it can do a lot more. Trust me!

If you wish to curl your hair and you do not have a curling iron or rollers with you, the best idea is to create curls with flat iron and enjoy the curls and flaunt them well!

How to Create Curls with Flat Iron?

  • Requirements 

What you have to start with is having a flat iron, mouse, setting hair spray and a comb. With these 4 items, your curls will be ready to flaunt.

  • Process

Heat your iron first for a minute or two, and make sure you do not have wet or damp hair. It’s not a good idea to curl wet or damp hair. Blow dry your hair and let it rest for a minute. Putting mouse will add to the volume of your hair, making it look thicker and heavier or else the curls will settle down and make your hair look thin.

Comb your hair and make sure you comb well, because after curling you will not be able to comb them or else the curls will be scattered. Curls with flat iron are quite easy, but they definitely need precautions so that your efforts do not go in vain.

Once you get your hair ready, hold the hot flat iron up, put one strand within the plate and starting from the edge, roll it around the entire plate. It will give the curling shape to your hair. Hold the iron for around 15 to 20 seconds, and remove it. See if your hair has the curls. Continue the process for the targeted hairs and the results will definitely please. Within an hour, you will have perfect curls in your hair that will be ready to mesmerize the gathering you are going to.

If you wish you can keep them open, or make a bun leaving some at the end, tying half of the hair, leaving the other half pen or numerous other ways exist that will make your curls look better.

After getting done with the curls with flat iron, make sure you spray your hair. It will help them settle for long otherwise the hairs may scatter before the event ends.

So here you have the curls with flat iron that will make you look gorgeous than ever!

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