7 Tips to Help You Create Soft Romantic Curls

Romantic curls are different from banana or corkscrew curls, and they are different from waves too. If you want to create the same look you see on celebrities, you can achieve this style easily if you follow the tips mentioned below. While the celebrities’ hair look as if it has been photoshopped, making soft, romantic curls are not as difficult as it looks.

Tips for Making Soft, Romantic Curls

1. Curl Your Hair in Sections

The best way to create romantic curls (or any other type of curls for that matter) is to separate your hair into 3 sections: top of the head, temple to temple, and ear to ear. Clip away the top 2 sections and start curling the ear to ear section first. When you are done with this section, move on to the temple to temple section and finally, to the top of your head. Curling your hair like this will give your curls more texture and definition, and make curling easier, especially if you have layers.

2. Use the Correct Barrel Size

While many women feel it best to create romantic curls with a flat iron, you can create the style with a curling iron or wand too (after all, that’s what they are for, right?). Just make sure that you choose the right barrel size of your curling iron or wand. It should not be too big or too small, or else you won’t end up with the same look as your favorite celebrity. The best barrel size for romantic curls is 1 1/2-inch. Keep in mind that romantic curls are soft and loose, and the bigger the barrel, the looser the curls.

3. Apply Mousse to Your Hair after Washing

Your curls will have a better hold without being crunchy if you apply mousse to your hair after washing and before drying. After your hair dries, brush through it and then move on to curling your hair. This way, your hair will have a bit more hold and you will also not have to deal with hard hair.

4. Always Use a Heat Protector When Curling

One of the key ingredients for achieving perfect, romantic curls is soft and well-maintained hair. Although you may feel that heated tools may be the best thing to create pretty hairstyles, you still need to protect your hair from all the heat or else your hair will become damaged. You can use a protein spray on your hair, especially on the ends, to protect it. TRESemmé has a good heat protector, but you can use any other brand too as long as it does its work nicely and doesn’t damage your hair in any way. You can even use a natural heat protector like argan oil. If you find that your heat protector weighs down your hair, you can try adjusting the amount your put in your hair or you might have to change what you are using.

5. Take Your Time to Curl Your Hair

Beauty comes with a price, and the price for romantic curls is time. It can take some time to curl your entire head of hair, especially if you have long and thick hair. As you reach the top of your head, you may get tired and want to stop curling your hair, thinking that this much will be enough. However, you should not give in. Just hang in there and make sure you curl all of your hair nicely. Don’t sacrifice a beautiful hairstyle for a few minutes of less hairstyling. Go all the way in and you will end up with romantic curls that last the whole time you are out.

6. Use Your Fingers to Comb Your Hair

Never comb your curls with a brush or comb as they will open up your curls and remove the loose curls effect. Use your fingers to gently pick through your curls and tousle the ends. If you want a “bed head” effect, you can flip your hair down and shake it out a bit. You can also give your hair a bit more volume on the top at this time by gently teasing the top of your hair and combing over to smoothen everything.

7. Use a Good Hairspray to Hold Your Curls

By “good”, I mean a hairspray that will not freeze up your hair. You want your curls to be bouncy and free, so choose a light-hold hairspray to use on your hair. Also, spray just enough to hold your curls for a while since you would already have mousse in your hair to keep your curls in place if you followed the third tip. You just need a little hairspray to keep your curls full of life and give them the freedom to move around.

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