Important Food Types for Hair Growth

The hair is just like the body, it needs the best nutrients in order for it to grow well. If there is a deficiency in the food types, expect the hair growth to be stunted. Whenever you are going to use a diet for the body, consider to check if the nutrients will also affect the hair growth. Strive to take food types that can actually help in making the hair growth improve. So, what are the food types that women should use? Below are the top food types you can use for better hair growth.

Vegetable food for hair growth  

Tell someone to eat vegetables and they will take it as a punishment at all times. What we do not know is the many nutrients that are available in the vegetables. Talking to a nutritionist will help to understand the different benefits you stand to get by eating the vegetables on a regular basis.
Take an example of spinach. It is rich in Vitamin C and iron, all these nutrients are important to help on how to grow your hair longer. While still on the Vitamin C, it is important to note that it will help to prevent any cases of dandruffs in the hair. The dandruffs are because of a dry scalp.

Egg white for hair growth

There is no doubt that the eggs are the best source for proteins around. Other than that, the eggs have some other important nutrients if you want to grow your hair faster. The nutrients include sulfur, zinc and iron. All these nutrients are important for your hair growth and the body.
The iron present is important for carrying oxygen to the different hair follicles. Those people who have a deficiency in iron are likely to start experiencing some hair loss problems. However, eating too many eggs is not recommended for your health. The substitute to the eggs will include the use of chicken, beef or fish.

Benefits Of Salmon for hair growth

We eat fish because of the Omega fatty acids we expect to get from the fish. The fatty acids are important for their hair growth process. The acids provided by the salmon are unique and the body cannot synthesize them. Statistics show that 3% of the hair is made of the fatty acids.
That is quite a lot of percentage that must be compensated at all times in order to grow your hair. It is recommended that you take the salmon on a regular basis. The salmon also contains Vitamin D and other proteins that important to having a strong hair. The strong hair is what every woman dreams about.

Walnuts for faster hair growth

There are various reasons why many nutritionists recommend that you eat nuts every day or regularly. The walnuts are rich in Vitamin E and some omega-3 fatty acids. All these nutrients are important for the body and the hair growth.
If you are looking for methods on how to grow your hair faster, consider using nuts in your diet occasionally. The nuts do contain an important nutrient called Biotin. The Biotin nutrient is important for protecting your hair from the direct sunlight rays. Too much sun exposure is likely to influence the color of your hair.

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