Tips For a Healthy Scalp

Beautiful and well maintained hair has always been the source for pride for its owners and admiration for others, but its condition directly depends on the condition and state of the scalp. Therefore your scalp requires just as much care and attention as the facial skin. Dry scalp results in one set of problems, and an oily scalp – with increased secretions of the sebaceous glands – leads to different issues, which sometimes can be impossible to resolve without medical attention and designated treatments.

Use these tips for a healthy scalp

Types of scalp

Scalp can be oily, dry, normal and mixed. In other words, if the secretion, released by the sebaceous gland is increased, then it corresponds to the greasy hair type, if it’s reduced – dry, and normal – normal hair type. Mixed type happens rarely, when there are several areas of the scalp with different oil content.

Diseases of the scalp

In turn, the functioning of the sebaceous glands is no less dependent on the condition of the nervous and endocrine systems, acute or chronic diseases that occur inside the body, especially those related to the gastrointestinal tract. Imbalance in these systems will certainly affect the condition of the scalp and the hair. Thus, the disorders of the thyroid gland can cause dry skin and dull hair. Severe stress can lead to hair loss, and this will be the result of the nervous system affecting the scalp.

Seborrhea and its treatment

Seborrhea (a skin condition often characterized by flakey scales, or dandruff) is often the result of the increased secretions of the sebaceous glands. This releases excess sebum (oily substances) with some changes in chemical composition, texture and biological properties which interferes with the process of its normal secretions from the sebaceous gland. Due to the excess of sebum, the hair gets an unkempt appearance with sticky and greasy strands. In addition seborrhea often causes dandruff and even hair loss.

Seborrhea treatment

Seborrhea treatment starts with normalizing the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems. This includes the prescription of sedatives, medications, vitamins and minerals that increase the protective functions of the body. If the symptoms do not improve a hormonal therapy may be administered. It is very important to identify and cure any chronic diseases as well the reasons for infectious diseases. Another cause of seborrhea is problems with digestive organs.

To normalize sebaceous secretions the scalp is rubbed with the solutions of baking soda, borax and sodium thiosulfate. Purulent follicles are rubbed with the solutions of alcohol and antiseptics. Sunbathing and artificial UVR can also be found useful.

Dry scalp

Dry scalp, which is caused by decreased secretion of sebaceous gland, is also fraught with various problems. Specialists in skin diseases refer to the irritation, redness, flaking and itching as a result of this, as a dry seborrhea. This kind of seborrhea does not lead to hair loss, but it leads to the formation of thin, dry, white and easy peeling dandruff. As a result the hair looks faded, thin because of split ends.

As always, before you proceed with the treatment, you need to find out the causes of the dryness of the scalp, which can be connected both with the diseases of the internal organs and hormonal disorders. Dry scalp requires treatment as well as permanent and competent care. It is recommended to wash the hair once every two weeks with soft water and using a shampoo for dry hair, enriched with soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Also useful are hydrating masks for the hair and scalp. They improve blood circulation, eliminate inflammation,restore and strengthen hair growth 

Use these tips for a healthy scalp

Any person should be considered as a whole, because the problems with the systems of the body immediately affect the condition of the hair and scalp. That is why finding and eliminating the causes of these problems is number one priority. Proper hair care, healthy diet and lifestyle are the main preventative measures to maintain beautiful and healthy hair.

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