Greasy and Oily Hair Treatment

Do you have greasy and oily hair? Do you consider it to be a punishment with daily washing, constantly dirty and dull in appearance, all clingy and ugly? But is it all as bad as it seems at first?

So what is greasy hair anyway?

If you have an unstable hormonal system and the temperature outside fluctuates often, you can easily become an owner of greasy hair. This type of hair even almost immediately after washing looks like it hadn’t been washed in a month and is absolutely unmanageable, and the use of any hair products (gels, waxes, foams) makes it look even greasier and dirtier. An extra combing or a massage, and it seems like it needs to be washed again. And any headgear turns it into a bundle of greasy strands just in a couple of minutes. So what is the matter? You simply have a scalp that excessively secretes oils. And most often it can be easily remedied.

The best Home Remedies to Treat Oily Hair

Start with basic stuff. Change all the hair products that you currently use for the ones specifically formulated for greasy hair. Then abandon, at least temporarily, the hair dryer and the curling iron. No heated hair rollers. Discard the plastic combing brush and buy a wooden comb with smooth and soft teeth. Your skin is unhealthy, and you have to keep that in mind every time you do something that is capable of damaging or not damaging your hair and scalp. Consider having a short haircut – shorter hair is easier to clean and it will be less oily.

And now some more complicated stuff. Despite the desire to wash this type of hair a few times a day, it is actually recommended to wash it no more than twice a week, as frequent washings do not make them cleaner, but rather stimulate the increased oil secretions in the scalp. The water should be close to body temperature or even a couple of degrees lower. Hot water has an extremely negative impact on the state of hair roots and scalp. And of course, use a shampoo for oily hair, containing any useful elements or a therapeutic shampoo. After washing, it is necessary to rinse the hair with acidified warm solution of water with lemon juice, acetic or citric acids. Sometimes you can even rub this solution into scalp.

You can even try rinsing your hair with decoctions of medicinal herbs: burdock root, chamomile, nettle, walnuts, onion skins and hop cones. To prepare this, dry herbs are filled with water and are left overnight. Then this solution can be used for rubbing directly into a clean scalp, for rinsing after the use of balms, masks or conditioners, or even for shampoo free hair washing.

Aloe juice can also be used for rubbing into scalp, as it normalizes the skin and strengthens hair roots. And do not forget about simple and effective means for hair care such as colorless henna. It restores and revitalizes very weak and damaged hair. Also useful is a potato juice poultice – keep the grated potato mush on your hair for at least an hour and then rinse with warm water. Also useful is onion juice mask.

And finally the hardest but the most effective way will be to change your lifestyle. After all, our hair is the mirror of the state of the whole body. It is necessary to have a clean diet, exercise regularly and lead a healthy way of life. And although the first results may not appear earlier than in a month it is the right and the most effective decision. And your new lifestyle will gradually turn into one big useful habit.

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