Minoxidil Receding Hairline Treatment

Minoxidil Receding Hairline Treatment

Minoxidil Receding Hairline Treatment | Rogain for Hair Regrowth

Is Minoxidil receding hairline treatment an option for you? Kirkland Minoxidil hair treatment and the popular Rogaine for hair regrowth, available as a leave in treatment or foam, are the leading hair regrowth products. It is estimated that two out of every three men will suffer from hair loss or a receding hairline at some point in their lives.  The condition is known medically as androgenetic alopecia, but most people refer to it as male pattern baldness.

For the most part, hair loss in the temples or thinning hair is a normal part of aging for both men and women.  However, frontal hair loss, or a receding hairline, is more likely to be treated with hair regrowth products.  This may be partially due to the fact that a receding hairline is fairly noticeable and men want to stop a receding hairline. Minoxidil products, such as Rogaine and Kirkland, have shown success as a hair loss product to regrow hair. What is the success of hair regrowth using Rogaine and should you consider Minoxidil a receding hairline treatment?

Rogaine for Hair Regrowth-Minoxidil Shampoo & Foam

If you suffer from a receding hairline, the hairs in the frontal and temple areas are most likely to go bald. In the presence of DHT, the hair follicles of the scalp die and stop producing hair. Once this occurs with a receding hair line, it can be resistant to all hair treatment.  As a result, even medications that typically work, such as a minoxidil treatment like Rogaine, leave users wondering if receding hairline & Rogaine, can create frontal hair regrowth. Specifically, Rogaine has stated that minoxidil – receding hairline treatment has not been tested, but, the findings regarding hair regrowth have been challenged.

Minoxidil Receding Hairline Treatment

Originally, it was assumed that Rogaine for hair regrowth could not work for temple or frontal hair loss.  However, there have been some studies showing that you can use Rogaine for hair loss on a receding hairline, but it may not be as effective with temple loss.  Similarly, Propecia’s receding hairline findings states that there is not enough evidence to prove definitively that the medication works to reduce hair loss in the temples, though it can be used for frontal loss.  Both medications are FDA approved, which means their efficacy has been tested and proven, including some effectiveness in the frontal area. Kirkland Minoxidil hair treatment and Rogain for hair regrowth are the top selling types of minoxidil. Receding Hairline sufferers have been seeing some relief using Minoxidil receding hairline treatment for hair regrowth, although overall, it is more effective on the crown.

Rogaine Minoxidil Reviews

Rogaine reviews for frontal hair loss treatment show some new hair growth, with most people seeing hair growth within three to four months.  Consumers seem to have a number of definitions for growth.  Those who have lost almost all their hair see some growth over the vertex and crown.  Many report seeing their hairline lower gradually with extended use of Minoxidil shampoo or foam hair treatment and some have even seen regrowth in the temple areas.  In general then, it seems as those users are answering, “Can you use Rogaine for a receding hairline?” with a yes. Kirkland Minoxidil hair treatment and Rogain for hair regrowth are FDA approved, and do provide many users with hair loss regrowth. Just be aware that hair regrowth for a receding hairline will be minimal, but it can help to stop a receding hairline from turning into baldness.

Here is what one buyer using Rogaine for receding hairline had to say from Amazon:

My receding hair line was thin on both sides and rising up on my forehead and somewhat thin in the middle. Now there is no thin hair on either side or in the middle. My hair line has not really came down but is much thicker and I am going to start applying the rogaine at the hair line to try to get it to come down a little better.

All together I am very satisfied my hair is thicker faster than results were supposed to show. I am not there yet but will be completely unbald here soon I would recommend this to anyone at least to try it out be patient with it though results are not over night but you will be more confident knowing you are doing something about it. 

You can See more Rogaine Reviews from buyers here.  

Minoxidil Receding Hairline Foam or Shampoo

Minoxidil receding hairline foam or shampoo hair treatment is available in both two and five percent concentrations.  In general, the five percent concentration is most effective in either form for treatment of thinning hair.  Most users seem to prefer the foam since its application is significantly easier.  However, the minoxidil shampoo leave in hair treatment is relatively odorless whereas the Rogaine minoxidil receding hairline treatment foam has a sickly sweet smell that bothers some users.  The biggest difference, though, is that the liquid contains PPG, which many people have an allergic reaction to, but the foam does not, making the foam less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin.

Using Rogaine Minoxidil Receding Hairline Treatment Correctly

Rogaine for a receding hairline will only work when used properly.  The instructions state to use it on a dry scalp as a wet scalp may prevent the minoxidil from being properly absorbed.  Rogaine is also supposed to be used twice daily and cutting back on dosages may also reduce effectiveness.  In addition, hair growth will only occur as long as the product is used, so for constant hair growth, the product must be used continuously.  This means Minoxidil receding hairline treatment is for life, and you could loose the fresh hair regrowth if you discontinue use. Finally, Rogaine may work best when combined with various other treatments such as Progaine, which is gentle shampoo for made by Rogaine for body, as well as vitamins to stop hair loss, which will give your existing hair what it needs to stay strong..

Can you use Rogaine as a receding hairline product?  The website and container say it may not be effective, but customer reviews say yes.  When used properly, Rogaine can reduce or eliminate the receding hairline, but it may take a while.  Rather than expecting instant results, it may be better to simply use the product for a few months to see if hair regrowth occurs. Minoxidil receding hairline treatment can add to your overall hair loss treatment plan.

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