Top 5 natural oils to nourish your hair

Top 5 natural oils to nourish your hair

We will delve into the secret properties of these natural goodies so you can pick the best one for you.

Discover the wonderful properties of these amazing oils.

Your hair and skin will have different requirements year round, what works for you in autumn and winter will be too nourishing to use during spring and summer. When preparing your own concoctions play with the different textures and properties of these oils, and to make the mixture glorious add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil and you are set.

1) Olive oil

The kitchen king makes it to your beauty cabinet! Olive oil is super lightweight in comparison to other oils and it is packed with fatty acids and vitamin E. It is a very affordable and practical option to moisturize your locks and keep every strand hydrated and shiny. You can find this popular oil in almost every supermarket. When consumed regularly it brings plenty of health benefits too.

2) Jojoba oil

According to experts the makeup of jojoba oil is closest to our hair sebum, thus it is perfect to revive lackluster hair. Besides the wealth of nutrients in jojoba oil it is also used as an anti-dandruff agent thanks to its antibacterial properties. Since its composition is so similar to our natural hair oil you can apply it to your scalp and it will be readily absorbed without altering the scalp’s natural balance.

3) Coconut oil

Coconut oil boasts of various surprising properties, it is a great source of good cholesterol and it is ideal to nourish your hair and skin. Since its boiling point is quite high it is even recommended over conventional and industrial oils for frying. This natural oil of the Caribbean will have you absolute craving for more whether it is to nourish your hair, your skin or to prepare your food. A secret use for coconut oil is that when applied on the scalp as treatment it encourages rapid and healthy growth hair. Growing a luscious mane has never been so easy and natural.

4) Grapeseed Oil

This is an amazing odorless and non-greasy oil, it can be applied on both your scalp and hair since it can restore the natural balance of your hair, it is ideal to treat dandruff and it is a great carrier oil and a natural sunscreen.

5) Argan Oil

What is the hype about argan oil? You might just wonder… but try it on your hair and you will become a believer. Argan oil is a natural multitasker, it does wonders to your hair including improving the elasticity of dry, brittle hair, reducing frizzines and repairing damaged strands. But wait, that is not the end of the story, it also encourages hair growth. No wonder it is called Liquid Gold… There is a wide range of hair care products with argan oil as an active ingredient; however you can also find argan oil in its pure form, ready to be used as part of your hairstyling routine.

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