How to Reduce Hair Fall – 8 Ways to Reduce Hair Fall

How to Reduce Hair Fall

Losing your hair is probably the last thing you’d want in this world to happen. Unfortunately, it is a genetic trait that will eventually catch up on you as you age. Good nutrition and lifestyle changes can prevent this from happening. Taking vitamins and using shampoos and leave on conditioners can help reduce hair fall.

For a healthier and more vibrant hair, here are 8 ways on How to Reduce Hair Fall:

  • 1. Vitamin C for Hair Fall

Vitamin C is important for a healthy hair. Citrus fruits like orange and lemon must be taken with a dosage of 1,000 to 3,000 mg a day. The question “How to reduce hair fall” is often tossed around. The real question is, “How often do you take your Vitamins?”

  • 2. B Vitamins Increase Hair Growth 

Complex B Vitamins and Biotin are needed for hair growth. B3 aids in increasing circulation to the scalp, which makes hair growth easier.  Taking a B complex supplement is suggested as the nutrients work synergistically.

  • 3. Drink 8 cups of Water a day

The hair shaft is comprised of one quarter of water. Drinking a recommended 8 cups of water a day will not only keep you hydrated, but also will help you grow healthy hair. Lots of water will reduce hair fall.

  • 4. Protein for your Hair

    Hair is basically made out of protein. Having protein in your diet by eating meat and dairy products will help grow healthy hair.

  • 5. Smoking can Cause Hair loss

If you are a smoker and you do not want to part with your hair in the near future, then you better stop smoking now. Smoking reduces the blood flow to the scalp which causes a reduction in hair growth. Not only does smoking present more serious illnesses, it also causes you to go bald. This is the one of the answers on how to reduce hair fall for men. Quit smoking.

  • 6. Reduce Drinking Alcoholic Beverages to Reduce Hair fall

How to reduce hair fall? How about you stop drinking beer? Drinking alcoholic beverages reduces hair growth. You can lessen the intake of alcohol, or completely remove it from your system to have an increase in your natural hair growth.

  • 7. Iron Reduces Hair loss

Iron helps increase circulation in the scalp which fuels hair growth. Eating foods like liver, raisins, and apricots will aid in hair growth.

  • 8. Vitamin A for Healthy Hair 

Foods that contain Vitamin A like eggs, carrots, and squash is good for your hair. Vitamin A works with the fat synthesis in the hair follicles which spurs hair growth. This leads to a vibrant and shiny hair, which lessens hair fall.

If you’re looking for how to reduce hair fall naturally, this is the best you can get. These are home remedies for reducing hair fall that you can do easily. All you need is to start a healthy lifestyle and take proper vitamins and nutrients, and you will never need to search again on how to reduce hair fall.

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