Curly Hair Updo

Nothing says sexy, glamorous or sophisticated more than a curly hair updo! Whether you have naturally curly hair or need to go to a beauty salon to get flowing curls, a curly hair updo is an excellent choice for a social occasion or a special event, such as a wedding, graduation, party or family reunion.

A curly hair updo can be created with the help of the right cut, a variety of hairstyling products, a diffuser, heated irons, hot rollers and a little help from your fingers! Do not limit yourself but take the time to experiment with a variety of curly hair updos! A curly hair updo can work for hair that is short, medium length or long. You might even decide to get a perm in order to keep that curly look for as long as possible.

One look that is excellent for a curly hair updo is a very classic look

In order to create this smooth and curly look for a night out on the town, take a variety of headbands that can smoothly and effortlessly hold your curls against your scalp in a becoming manner. Once you have tightly secured the crown, make sure that your lovely curls are able to billow out and then flow in a traditional fashion down the back of your neck.

In order to give a little something extra glamorous and extra formal for this look, you can pin a few of the curls on top of your head and allow a few tendrils to hang down.

If the occasion is very fancy and a headband seems too casual for your curly hair updo then choose bobby pins that are the same color as your hair in order to hold your hair back. Then you must find a way to arrange your hair in such a way that the bobby pins are not obvious. This look is all about contrasting textures and is suitable fro many women.

Well defined curls are a must for a curly hair updo. To accomplish this, divide your hair into equal sections and then dry the hair using the blow dryer, making sure to attach the diffuser on the end of it. Always use the coolest setting on your blow dryer.

As you dry your hair, use your fingers to form the curls you want. After your hair is dry, pin up pieces of it with bobby pins or use a fancy headband as described above. Any number of hair jewels can add sparkle to your hair for a night out and your overall look. Pull a few curls out in order to frame your face and to hang down to your neck.

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