8 Pretty pageboy haircut ideas

Pageboy haircut is a extraordinary, hot and classic style and was very famous in 1950s. In pageboy hairstyle, your hairs smoothly swings down straight on ears and fully covers it, while bangs takes place in front. Modern versions of pageboy cut are released now. If youre a lover of 1950s styles, you would surely love their new versions because they are easy to maintain.

Pageboy Haircut Ideas

Idea plays a creative role in the modification and attraction of a hairstyle. Adopting same styles over again sometimes effect your personality. You should always adopt a unique cut, which suits you and your personality as well. The hairstyle has first priority in beauty of the women. Pageboy haircut ideas will completely rock your day.

#1 Pageboy Haircut Curly Hair

Perfect for those who want curly hair pageboy hairstyles, its a best example of voluminous pageboy hair. Who said that you cannot have page boy hairstyles without a straight cutting around the head? it looks fabulous, although. Keeping the hair untidy makes it more simple.

#2 Short Pageboy Haircut

Short pageboy haircuts are the most splendid one if one have oval or moon (round) face. Keeping the hairs short, messy and applying brown shades will give you the most cutest look. Bangs are working fine in the front, hiding your forehead.

short pageboy haircuts

#3 Cute Korean Version

Korean pageboy haircut version is somehow very cute. Fringes just reached down to the eyebrows giving her a beautiful glance. While, rest of hair are in a fine bowled shape. The more simple you keep your hair, the more beautiful it will become. If youre a lover of Korean styles, you should go for it.

Korean pageboy haircut

#4 Prepossessing Layered Pageboy Hairdo

Captivating page boy hairdo with blunt bangs. You can also use this hairstyle to hide your big forehead. She is looking pretty. You should go for this layered page boy haircut and i am sure that people will like this. Prepossessing Layered Pageboy Hairdo

Prepossessing Layered Pageboy Hairdo

#5 Platinum Pageboy Haircut

Here comes the most gorgeous and classic pageboy haircut of all the time. This style has everything in it, hairs are side-swept. I would like to recommend you this gorgeous hairstyle.

Platinum Pageboy Haircut
#6 Pageboy Haircut Without Bangs

Pageboy hairstyle is not all about roundness all over your head. Its a good idea to use pageboy haircut without bangs as youre watching in below image. You can get attention by applying the dramatic illusion of a short This girl just enhanced her beauty from it.

Pageboy haircut without bangs
#7 Long Pageboy Hairstyle

Adopting long pageboy hairstyle is also good choice. Its depends on you, if you love long hairs are short. Not much hard work is required in this style, it can be easily done and maintained. Layers are looking perfect, for enhancing more beauty you should do some work on eyebrows.

#8 Choppy Pageboy Haircut

Cuteness overloaded, the best version of modified choppy pageboy haircut is right in front of you. Not all the hair are side swept. Dont wait just go for it.

Choppy Pageboy Haircut

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