Emu Oil for Hair Loss and Growth

Emu Oil For Hair Loss | Emu Oil for Hair Growth

Emu oil for hair loss is an oil, produced from the fat of Emus, that is believed to enhance appearance and thicken hair, as well as contain a natual DHT  blocker. DHT is the most common cause of hair loss, balding and receding hairline in female and male pattern baldness, and blocking it is what allows the hair follicles to grow new hair.

Emu oil also is purchased as an anti-aging oil. It will soften the skin, moisture the hair and scalp, reduce scarring, and even reduce pain in the joints.

Main Advantages of Emu Oil Products for Hair Loss and Growth

  • Absorbs quickly, won’t clog pores
  • All Natural
  • No odor
  • Moisturizes the hair, skin and body

Does Emu Oil for Hair Loss and Growth Work?

Emu oil has been tested to be effective in hair growth as well as thickening the hair and bringing hair follicles out of the resting stage to grow. The problem with this prior testing is these were small studies, performed by manufacturers of Emu Oil. Much more extensive testing would need to be done to know for sure, but in reading reviews from actual users of emu oil for hair loss, they seem to agree with the study. You can read Reviews on Emu oil and hair loss hereemu-oil-hair-loss

Comments about the effectiveness of Emu Oil for hair loss including thinning hair and bald spots include the following Review;

My mom’s hair used to be dry and brittle. This emu oil has transformed her hair. It is now soft and strong.

I bought this product to help grow my thinning hair edges back, and IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM.  I massage my edges with this product every night before going to bed, and sometimes in the morning as well. I have only been using it for about three weeks, and I am soooo pleased to see my edges getting thicker already.
But, extensive studies have been performed on products like Rogain for hair loss and Propecia. They ar e both know, tested, and approved by the FDA to grow hair. They are not for everyone and there are side effects associated with both of these hair loss products. People like to try natural remedies for their hair loss such as Emu oil to get away from side effects and pills. So, Emu oil offers a natural alternative, and proven moisturizing ability.

In the end, Emu oil for hair loss is not a proven treatment method for thinning hair, but it is one that has worked for many people to heal much more than their hair.

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