Balding Spray On Hair Color For Hair Loss

Balding Spray On Hair Color Concealer – Spray on Hair Color – Thickener for Thinning Hair

balding spray on hair color concealer will give life to your thinning hair, filling in and covering up the areas of hair loss just enough to make it look more natural. Although it is not a cure for hair loss, if you have thinning hair, small bald spots, or frontal hair loss, a spray on hair color thickener not only creates a look of fullness in your hair, but it can cover grey and provide relief from temporary hair loss as well.

These products work best when there is hair to work with, such as thinning or small balding areas. Below, are some popular brands of spray on hair color and their best features.

Cover Up Hair Spray for Balding – Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener

Designed to naturally conceal balding spots and thinning hair, Fullmore Colored Hair Thickener will also touch up gray and even out the root color between hair thinning color spraycoloring. It is not designed to cover a large bald area.

Available colors include: Black, auburn, medium brown, dark brown, light brown, grey, blond, and white.

Fullmore hair spray offers good coverage that is natural looking and the color does not come out until you wash it out. No need to worry about the weather, comes in .

Cheap Balding Spray on Hair Color – Try Jerome Russell – Hair Color Thickener Spray

If you are unsure about balding spray on hair color and have never tried a temporary color for thinning hair, then this may be a good way to start. Designed to give coverage in those areas of balding and thinning, this inexpensive hair loss concealer spray goes on dry hair much like a hair loss thickening spray

After you achieve your desired coverage, you simply style your hair as usual. Some customers have complained that it can rub off if you do not use a hair spray to hold it into place, but for a beginner product at a cheap price point, you can’t go wrong with this colored hair thickening spray. You can find out more about the Jerome Russell Hair Color Thickener spray here.

Toppik Hair Fibers – Colored Keratin Hair Thickener

Toppik is well known for their hair care products, and the toppik colored hair fibers can be purchased as part of an overall hair thickening toppik hair thickener balding sprayprocedure. These hair loss products use the protein keratin, found naturally in hair, as a bulky fiber which attaches to hair. This fiber stays in place until washed out, and does not leak or show. It is ideal for hair loss and thinning, and does not work as well for bald spots.

It goes on as a thick liquid, and you need to purchase a spray applicator separately if desired. You can find out more about Toppik Keratin hair loss fibers Here.

Balding Spray on Hair Color for Thinning Hair

A spray on color for hair loss can help you to get the thicker, fuller hair you want. With reasonable pricing, and being a natural treatment for hair loss, you have very little to lose in giving these products a try. Not like the old hair loss ‘paints’ you have seen, these are light, easy to use, and wash out with shampoo. So, give a balding spray on hair color a chance, you just may like it.

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