Is Brazilian Waxing Right for You ?

Is Brazilian Waxing Right for You

There’s no form of bikini waxing more famous than Brazilian waxing. Not all women go for Brazilian waxing but all women are curious about it. Some of this curiosity is due to the fact that not everyone knows the difference between Brazilian waxing and a normal bikini wax. Part of this curiosity is due to its almost mythic allure. Learn what Brazilian waxing really is, and whether it is right for you.

Brazilian waxing is a form of bikini waxing, but more extreme. A normal bikini wax often only take off the sides of your pubic hair, and shapes what hair remains. Brazilian waxing doesn’t focus on the front pubic hair like the bikini wax does, but it focuses primarily on your bum. Brazilian waxing takes off all your pubic hair, from the front to the back, and it’s the back that gives Brazilian waxing its name. Brazilian women are known for their tiny thong bikinis and Brazilian waxing makes those possible. Sometimes, Brazilian waxing takes off all front pubic hair, sometimes it leaves a landing strip or triangle, but it always removes all the hair to your back.

So you see why Brazilian waxing is a normal wax job but more extreme. Not all women want this because they don’t want their hair in the back removed and it is more painful than other forms of waxing. But if you’re interested in Brazilian waxing, then you should get it done at some point to see if it’s right for you.

When you sign up to get your Brazilian wax, you need to find an esthetician experienced in doing such a procedure. Brazilian waxing is too sensitive to be performed at home, and a poorly performed Brazilian wax can cause some real pain and lasting soreness. Always get one done by a professional, preferably one who specializes in it.

Getting your Brazilian wax done involves going to a spa or a room and removing your underwear. Some spas have special underwear for you to put on during waxing, while others require you to be nude from the waist down. Before the start of the process, the esthetician will explain what Brazilian waxing entails. If your hair is long, the esthetician will trim it first. Then they clean your hair and skin after which warm wax is applied. When they remove the wax, the procedure is done and you’ll be hairless. All estheticians will treat your skin after a Brazilian wax to minimize any negative effects on your sensitive skin.

And that’s it! Brazilian waxing need not be scarier or more intimidating than a normal wax. Remember to always first meet with a professional and see if Brazilian waxing is right for you.

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