Sew in hair extensions

Be a New, Sexy You, With Sew In Hair Extensions! 

  • Don’t you wish you had long, flowing, cascading hair, just like Beyonce? Have you looked at Angelina Jolie’s gloriously thick locks and wish you had them too? Well, with Sew In Hair Extensions, nothing is impossible. You can have the smooth, silky, lustrous, long and flowing hair of your dreams, even without it being a major drag on your monthly budget! Women all over the world are using sew in hair extensions to achieve that gorgeous and sexy look that makes their admirers swoon!
  • You may have thinning hair, or curly hair, but that doesn’t matter with sew in hair extensions. Regardless of the nature or type of your original hair, you will have absolutely no problem in getting sew in hair extensions to completely transform how you look.
  • How do you get sew in hair extensions done? Well, first, you will need to visit the best hairstylist in your area. Your hairstylist will sew in these extensions or braid them onto your scalp. The first step is to braid tracks into your real hair. These tracks could be vertical, horizontal or curved, based on the contours of your head. It’s the job of your hairstylist to braid the tracks into your natural hair in such a manner that they are completely invisible to an observer.
  • Once you have the braids done, it’s easy to fix the hair extensions. The wonderful thing about these sew in hair extensions is that, in no time at all, you can have the long and lustrous hair you desire. Instead of waiting for years to grow long and cascading hair, you can have them well within a couple of hours, with the help of your hairstylist. This is particularly great if you are suffering from rapid hair loss or even balding. There are any number of women suffering from hair loss issues who have been given a new life full of confidence by getting these hair extensions done. Never again should women feel insecure or inadequate because of their hair!
  • But it is important that your hairstylist is doubly careful while applying these hair extensions, as a mistake in this, even a tiny error, would make you look quite ghastly. There can be mistakes like hair pulling, which happens when the hair extensions are not applied with proper care. This would affect the way you look, besides being completely painful and uncomfortable. In fact, you should be very careful in your choice of a hairstylist as an inexperienced one may even damage your natural hair, never mind the hair extensions. It is best that you pay more money to a reputed hairstylist with a lot of experience, rather than settle for an inexperienced one, just because she comes cheap.
  • Also, given a choice between natural hair extensions and artificial or synthetic hair extensions, it’s better to always go for natural hair. This is because although natural hair extensions cost more (a couple of hundred dollars), they are smooth and silky and long lasting. Synthetic hair extensions do have their advantages as they are cheap, and can be straightened very easily, but they are susceptible to heat.
  • Sew in hair extensions come in several colors and textures. While you’ll be spoiled for choice in this, it is best that you pick a color that is closest to that of your natural hair. Of course, you can always choose to be avante garde and pick spunky pink, or velvet red – it’s entirely up to you and your taste. You can always consult your hairstylist about this as she will have far greater knowledge and experience of these things and help you get the perfect look.
  • Once you have got the hair extension on, you should be prepared to take excellent care of it. Such as, washing your hair regularly with a shampoo or a conditioner before going to sleep each night, tying your hair into ponytails so that they don’t get tangled as you sleep, wearing a waterproof cap and protecting your hair when you decide to have a swim and so on.
  • Women who get their hair extensions done, usually approach the world with a renewed confidence, and so shall you. Your hair will swing, flip and fluff, and you’ll never look better. Celebrate your beauty and your womanhood! And prepare yourself for an onrush of fawning admirers!

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