Virgin Hair Extensions Guide

Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. However, there is one common thing all ‘eye beholders’ have. A very easy line of sight to the head, and more precisely the hair. Hair is among the few elements that generate first impressions – be it good or bad. Furthermore, hair can set the tone of the beauty of the person in question from all around the head (from the sides, from the front and from behind).

It is little wonder that so much emphasis is placed over hair styling. An elegant, beautiful and eye-catching hairstyle is a must, and every lady knows this all too well.

In the quest to have the perfect hairdo, hair stylists and individuals go to all lengths to figure out the best hair do. In this regard, there are tons of styles to pick from and a great deal of variety within each style also.

Hair Extensions

In terms of hair and beauty hair extensions have been a mainstay in this regard. The popularity of extensions is ever soaring with each new day. Be it Brazilian, Asian, European, African American, Mongolian or any other texture of hair extension, there are so many choices to pick one from.

Additionally, how a particular hair extension is made further creates distinctions and choices. In this regard, one can choose Remy hair, Virgin hair, or a combination of any of the choices mentioned.

Virgin hair extensions are a sort after beauty and are thus very popular in the market. However, due to the tremendous variety of extensions that exists in the market, few people understand exactly what virgin hair extensions are and how to go about shopping for one.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions are distinguished from other hair extensions by one main characteristic. The hair that makes virgin hair extension must be pure. To explain this fully, you need to understand what pure hair means.

For hair to be termed as ‘pure’, it should be historically free from any treatment and any processing by the donor or the vendor, EVER! The donor of the hair should have kept the hair intact and in pristine natural conditions. The hair should be from any chemical treatments including curling and coloring. In this day and age, where chemical hair treatment is the norm, this is a very daunting feat achieve.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Virgin Hair Extensions

1. The Color Tone Of The Hair Extension

While on the look for virgin hair, it is important to have information on every color tone and availability of the color in the market. Real Virgin hair, as explained above, is a very rare commodity. Even rarer is real blonde Virgin hair extension.
The population of natural blondes is not sufficient to produce natural Virgin hair in bulk. In many instances, vendors of hair extensions pass impure hair as Virgin hair, reaping a lot of profits based on a con.

Black natural hair a more readily available in the market. They are also a touch cheaper.

2. Price

While shopping for real Virgin hair extensions, it important to know the amount of money that you will have to spend. Generally, virgin hair is more expensive than regular hair extension to the tune of $500 or more. The price also goes up when purchasing blonde extensions. Further, the price can go even higher when purchasing Remy Virgin Hair Extensions.

To keep the prices relatively low, one can purchase Dark Virgin hair extensions and dye them to preferred color tone.

3. The Credentials Of The Seller

Since Virgin hair extensions are somewhat a rare commodity, it is important to deal with only genuine hair extensions retailers. If only for the money spent, it is important to protect oneself from cons.
Before purchasing the product carry out research on the retailer. Based on your findings, you can determine how genuine the retailer and his or her products are. One thing that you should avoid at all cost is purchasing virgin hair extension on a whim.
For instance, if the seller advertises to be selling blonde Virgin hair extensions in bulk, you should red flag the retailer since blonde Virgin hair extensions are very difficult to find and selling in bulk is rarely possible.

4. Test The Hair

If you are making a purchase from a physical store, you should insist on testing the hair extension to ascertain the credibility of the virgin hair extension in question. Simple physical test to perform include checking for cuticle presence in the hair, performing the smoke test, checking for chemical leftovers using shampoo form, ensuring there is some slight non-uniformity of the hair (extreme uniformity shows chemical treatment), and finally, the hair should be human hair and not animal hair.

Benefits Of Using Virgin Hair Extensions

One of the main benefits of using virgin hair extension is durability and longevity. Virgin hair is all natural and untreated hair. What this means is that the air is very strong since the hair structure has not experienced chemically induced dilapidation at any time in its history. As a result of the strength, the hair extension will, therefore, last much longer, which is value for money.

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