Types of Hair Extensions

It appears that young females nowadays are becoming increasingly fed up with their hair. Hair extensions are certainly the hot new item and an essential component in a young girl’s make up. You can find a variety types of hair extensions on the market and a wide range of options to be fitted.

The four major styles of hair extensions currently out are:

  • Loose hair

hair clipped from a donor, processed and bought in massive amounts.

  • Weft hair extensions

it’s also referred to as “weave“. This type of hair is stitched in a long strip on the top normally around a meter long.

  • Strands hair extensions

is usually known as “pre-bonding” or “pre-tipped”. This is where the hair has keratin glue on the tips and is gone through tubes to bind to your natural hair.

  • Tape hair extensions

Skin weaves or skin wefts. They are usually attached by applying double-sided transparent tape.

This kind of hair extensions are frequently created out of 100% human hair, however, can be created from synthetic nylon or a combination of these two as well. There are also a few factors that should be thought about prior to choosing which kind to purchase. Primarily, synthetic tend to be less expensive than authentic hair, however, the disadvantage is that they may not be ideal for straightening or curling due to the possibility of it melting. The great thing about synthetic is the fact that they are available in a range of colors which enables you to put in streaks to your natural hair without worrying about it being irreversible. Go crazy for a celebration or apply a lowlight or highlight to achieve a look that’s more natural. Human hair is ideal in the event that you put curls in or straighten your hair given that it functions similar to your own. It is able to be colored should you fancy a precise color yet is unable to come across one.

Extensions are available in a variety of textures to complement your own hair. Know these can differ from straight to curly and may be found in various forms of curl designs.

  • Silky straight : Silky smooth, straight hair that it similar to East Asian hair.
  • Yaki hair : This is definitely a straight hair that looks like the relaxed texture of Afro-Caribbean hair.
  • European hair : This is usually straight, yet, often have a small wave in when compared to the East Asian hair.
  • Deep wave hair : Not a real wave, nevertheless, is typically created to appear like spirals
  • Loose deep wave or romantic wave : Soft intimate curls equivalent to the deep wave but looser.
  • Jheri curl hair : Frequently available in short lengths to deliver the complete ‘afro’ style
  • Wet and wavy hair : Can likewise be recognized as Spanish or Indian wave. Human hair is typically chosen for this that currently seems to have a natural curl or wave :This look appears extremely natural and returns back to its curly state whenever wet.
  • Feather lux : Where long feathers are fixed to the hair.

These are only a few. (NOTE) : Names differ among providers.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are 3 major benefits of extension that exist. Double down, Virgin and Remy. Virgin hair is unrefined. First, you tie prior to slicing to maintain the path of the cuticle. Normally, this is stitched into wefts or chosen to produce wigs. Remy is hair which can be sorted with each and every root at one end and tips on the other and then stitched onto a weft. This kind normally last a bit longer and continues to be entangled. Double drawn stands out as the more pricey having each of the short hairs removed, looking fuller and gone through two times.

Your extensions are often cleaned the same as average hair applying a gentle hair care products and cold water to prevent knots. This shouldn’t be completed after every single use, however, you’ll want to think about cleaning after you’ve worn it around 3 to 4 times.


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