What Are Hair Plugs ?

Hair plugs are a great way to maintain a complete and healthy head of hair, even if you have problems with hair loss. Hair stop surgery involves moving small areas of the scalp that are full of healthy hair follicles in areas where hair has stopped growing. This is usually the hair around the face and the back of the head moves to the top of the skull. Hair plugs are generally successful as moving parts of the head contain hair follicles that are programmed to continue to grow during most of human life. Hence the sides and back of the head are perfect donor sites for hair plugs that are necessary for transplantation.

A Hair plug is the size and profile of the scalp area that has been removed or disconnected during a transplant. The way this procedure is usually done is with a cutting tool or punch called a trephine.
The trephine is used to remove round areas of the scalp containing healthy hair follicles. This little piece of scalp hair is called a hair plug. In fact, although this is actually happening it is a scalp graft. The diameter of these small skin grafts is usually about 2 to 6 millimeters. In some years, up to 400 or 600 of these small grafts can be moved from healthy scalp plaques to the slimming areas. Although in a normal treatment session, only about 40 to 100 grafts are removed from the donor site to allow proper healing.

After the graft has been removed from the donor site, a smaller drill bit is used to create another small opening in the scalp area of ​​the head that receives the hair plug. What this does is help to ensure that the hair plug receiving areas and the scalp will melt together and heal faster with fewer scars as possible.

It has been found overtime that hair plugs do not work well around the hair line and give the hair plug patient a very unnatural look. This misfortune has been aptly named doll hair because it looks like to the way that doll hair actually looks. Hair plugs have been found to work exceptionally well around the crown of the head. Its main purpose is to thicken existing hair. The hairline is subjected to other procedures that help make the transplant look more natural.

Over the years hair stop surgery has become a very effective way of reducing the effects of hair loss. The techniques have improved since they were first made and now the procedure is known as micro-hair transplantation. A qualified surgeon can place hair plugs in the correct place making the new hair completely normal and look natural, even upon fairly close inspection of the skull.

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