What To Do After You Have Colored Your Hair


Having the color is one thing. Maintenance is another. Now that you have colored your hair, it is important that you maintain its vibrance.
But how would you do it? There are simple guidelines you can follow do your hair color can be retained in the longest time possible. Here are some guidelines that can help you maintain the color of your hair after the coloring process.

1. Forty eight hours.

This is the time you need to wait for you to have your hair washed. The settling of the hair color does not end until this time. Give your hair time to fully absorb the hair before washing it.

2. Color-treated Shampoo.  

This is the best shampoo for you so you can keep the hair color to its maximum shade in the longest time. If you can just alternate it with a shampoo that can also give you the same shade as you color, the better.

3. The sun. 

Exposure to the sun can be detrimental to the color of the hair as well as the its life. Look for hair products that can protect the hair from the ahrmful rays of the sun. There are many shairsprays out there that have sunscreen in them.


The ahir tends to be dry, especially if you colored it in light colors. The lghter the shade in comparison to the natral hair color or the previous one, the harsher the the process. It is a must that you have at least twice a month deep conditoning and weekly hair treament . This will keep dryness and frizzy hair at bay.

5. Retouch. 

When your hair color starts to recede, have the touch-ups.It is important that the hair should be maintained in its color. If salon treatments are too much for you, there are products out there that can help you do it at home.

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