Medium Length Layered Haircuts

A Guide to Medium Length Layered Haircuts

Are you thinking about changing your appearance by getting a new haircut? Many people that try to improve their self-confidence, and the way that they look, while often choose to style their hair differently. Although there are many different haircuts that you can get, one of the best is a medium length layered haircut. This is a very trendy style that has been around for many decades. However, choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world. Let’s take a look at the best medium length layered haircuts that are available today, haircuts that can definitely change the way that you look for the better.

Medium Length Layered Haircuts – What Are They?

When you hear the term medium length layered haircut, you should have a general idea of how this will look. In most cases, your hair is cut around shoulderlength, either a little above, or slightly below. The idea is to create a significant amount of depth to the appearance of your hair, something that the hair stylist will do after the initial cut is made.

Popularity Of Medium Length Layered Haircuts

One of the primary reasons that this type of haircut is so popular with women is because it’s easy to maintain. Women with long hair may have to spend several hours washing their hair, drying it, and getting it to a state of perfection. Although longer hair might provide a woman with more flair and possibilities, long hair is more difficult to manage, and therefore medium length haircuts can sometimes be preferable.

Women that cut their hair short might risk having a less feminine appearance. You need to have the right facial shape in order to sport a shorter hairdo. The typical pixie cut that some women prefer usually looks better with a more rounded face. However, in the end, it really comes down to how much work you want to put into your hair. The medium length layered hairdo, therefore, is a happy medium for those that want to have more style options, yet will have less hair to manage on a daily basis.

Different Medium Length Layered Styles

There are quite a few different styles that are extremely trendy right now that you can consider for your medium length hair cut. One of the most popular is called the “Bob”, a very simple hairstyle that can work with several facial types. There are different varieties of the “Bob” hairdo including curly, flippy and sleek. This hairdo can be enhanced by adding textured bangs and multiple layers, allowing you to get additional volume in your hair though you will have so much less to work with.

Speaking of layers, you can also have a layered medium length hairdo. This type of style allows you to easily frame your hair around your face. As mentioned before, having more curvature in your facial structure is very important when using this type of hairstyle. It works especially well if you have high cheekbones which can be emphasized by this type of haircut very easily. You can also add curls to the medium length cut, which will hold much longer with this shorter style. Straight cuts are also popular, providing a stunning appearance for all to see, especially when you add curls, fringes, ringlets, waves and bangs to the hairdo itself.

Although there are many other styles to consider with a medium length layered haircut, this should give you a basic overview of what to expect. If you currently have long hair, and you would prefer having a hairdo that is much more manageable, yet still stylish, medium length layered hair cuts are definitely a style for you.

medium length haircuts with layers

Beautiful Medium Length Haircuts with Layers

A great way to add some spice to a medium length haircut is to incorporate some layers to it. Layers will help to add volume, shape and texture to your look. Thick hair can be made to look bouncy and light with fun like frail pieces cut throughout the frame of the hair. Layers around the face can help to soften angled faces and add interest to it. This article will highlight some of the best medium length haircuts with layers.

1. Curly Couture

The Curly Couture is a great haircut for curly haired girls. The short to medium layers will keep the length looking light and easily manageable. Adding a part on either side of the hair will improve the airiness of the hair. This haircut is good on all faces except heart shaped faces. Hair of medium thickness and natural curls are the best type of hair for this style.

2. The Bold and the Beautiful

Short layers are ideal to add volume to your look. Adding color to the layers will frame it even further. Side parts a flattering for most of the face shapes. Straight or wavy hair with any type of thickness can benefit from these medium length haircuts with layers.

3. Swept Away Haircut

This haircut is quite sophisticated than most of the other medium length haircuts with layers. Medium to long layers will be displayed around her face and shoulders quite beautifully. This haircut is great on all faces except on long oval faces. Any type of hair thickness and texture would work with this style.

4. Red Raven

This style would highlight beautiful color and texture. Colored hair with shaggy layers throughout is youthful and great. Adding short side bangs could enhance the interest and fun. This style can help to soften the look on most types of faces. Works great on straight or wavy hair of all hair thicknesses. If you have thin hair, adding layers will make the hair to look more thinner. Be sure to inform the hairstylist about these concerns.

5. Burning Brilliance

A host of textured layers and spicy bangs are the features of this haircut. Keeping the ends piecey and razored would help the style to grow-out beautifully. This style is not suitable for square type of faces. This style is not ideal for women with thin hair either.

Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

Ideas for Medium Length Haircuts with Bangs

You have hair that is medium in length, and you have bangs

What can you do with it to give it a different look? Here are some suggestions for you for great styles specially for medium length haircuts with bangs.

If you like your bangs, there is really not much you can do with that except to leave it covering your forehead. One thing you can do is to highlight your bangs with a different color. You can choose a shade of color that is either darker or lighter than your natural hair color. Or if you dark brown or black hair, you can contrast it with a little red, purple, blue just to add some interest. Just be sure not to over do it with different colors because you do not want to look like you are dressing up for trick-or-treating!

Depending on how long your medium length hair is, you can tie it up in a pony tail

This is a simple style, yet you can actually achieve different effects depending on what kind of hair tie you use. Spend some time going through the hair accessories section of a major store, or one that specializes in hair accessories. You will see a huge array of hair ties and clasps that are made for ponytails. If you just want a simple ponytail, get a fabric-covered elastic tie. The fancier ones have a lot of ruffles and pouf to them. Some of them have glitter and shimmer to them. Pick the ones that will give you the look you want.

You can put up your hair into a bun with a claw clasp

Again, there are many types of claw clasps out there, ranging from the simple, unadorned plastic ones to the ones studded with rhinestones and beading. Just gather up your hair in the back, tie it into a ponytail with a small rubberband for hair, then use the claw to clamp the hair to the back of your head. There will be little loose ends that will stick out, but that is fine because it is all part of the style.

You can leave the back of your hair loose and just clip up the sides with hair clips. That is a quick and easy way to add some interest to your hair.

You can wear a head band 

There are many styles of headbands out there, and different ones will give you a different look.

If you straight hair 

you can give it a new look by curling it. With medium length hair, you can still achieve a few loose curls at the end. After you wash and towel dry your hair, roll your hair up in curlers and leave them on until they are dry. Then, use your fingers to loosen them up. You can wear a head band with that, or you can tie it up into a pony tail. Give those curls a good spritz with a light hairspray and that style will stay with you all day long.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you want to do something for your hair. These are popular styles for people with medium length haircuts with bangs. Go through magazines and surf the web for other ideas. When you see something you like, make a print copy of it and keep it with you. The next time you go to your hairdresser, you can take along those pictures and see what the hairdresser can do for you. Experiment with different medium length haircuts with bangs and find the style that complements your taste.

How To Straighten Curly Hair

How To Straighten Curly Hair

Many curly hair owners are convinced that to straighten their hair is the only way to make them shine and that is often the reason for their trip to a hair salon. They are often obsessed with how to straighten their curly hair. But are there any alternatives to making the hair shine other than a salon visit. Let’s take a closer look.

First reason for straightening curly hair has less shine

True, thin cuticle cells of curly hair tend to be bristle, which is why when the light falls on curly hair, it scatters in different directions. As a result, it makes curly hair appear less shiny than strait. Solution? After shampooing, rinse the hair with cold water. After the strands are dry, apply cream for curly hair Bed Head Foxy Curls Contour Cream, which reduces the volume of the hair and makes them shine.

Second reason for straightening: curly hair is difficult to comb

Yes, curly hair cuticles cling to each other and get tangled. Any attempts to use a comb brush to comb the hair only makes it worse – the hair simply “explodes” in volume, loses the shine and the head starts to look like a large dandelion. Solution? Use a shampoo for dry, frizzy and unruly hair Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Curl Curl Definition Shampoo. It makes hair light, shiny and easy to comb. After washing the hair, slowly and gradually squeeze them, starting with roots and apply the conditioner for soft healthy curls TIGI Catwalk Curl Collection Curlesque Leave-In Conditioner. It eliminates fluffiness, gives shine and make the hair more manageable. Then comb the hair using a comb with a few teeth. Curly does not like hair dryer, so it is better to let it air dry.

Third reason: curly hair is harder to style

Unfortunately, curly hair has a rebellious temper, so they need to be styled carefully, for example with the use of the mousse for curly hair TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse, so they look neat and bright.

Solution? In order to easily style curly hair and make them shine, they need to be pampered with delicate moisturizing masks to make them soft and silky. To achieve that, apply hair oil for frizzy hair Molto Bene Loretta Base Care Oil.

Fourth reason: curly hair breaks easily

Cuticles in curly hair are too far apart which allows the moisture to evaporate. On the other hand, when the air is humid, the hair keratin intensively absorbs the moisture, resulting in split ends. Additionally, irregular curvy waves increase hair fragility. Dryness and fragility eliminate hair shine.

Solution? Once a week use a deep conditioner. When styling damp hair apply a silicone containing product. This moisturizes the hair, protects the cuticles, eliminates split ends and gives the hair its shine. Once a week, apply Loreal Series Expert Liss Ultime Smoothing Leave In Treatment, it allows you to quickly saturate the hair with nutrients, moisturizes it, restores the hair structure and makes them shine.

Is it possible to straighten curly hair, retaining its luster?

Of course no advice will be good enough if you dream of glorious straight hair. Beauty salons cater to those who want smooth shiny hair offering straightening services. They use a variety of means to achieve that.

Chemical relaxation is done by applying a chemical composition which destroys the keratin hair cells, “relaxing” the curls and making the hair straight. The composition is chosen based on the hair condition – sodium hydroxide for thick curly hair or ammonium tioglikolat for thin. Even though the curls won’t become ideally smooth, they will be easier to care for and style.

Keep in mind, however, that there is a “flip side of the coin”: sodium hydroxide is very alkaline and seriously damages the hair structure, same goes for the relatively mild thioglycolic relaxant.

To make the hair shine after a chemical straightening, apply a soothing conditioner

Thermal hair straitening is done with electric thermal brush containing several or frequent teeth and made of stainless steel and brass. It helps to straighten curly hair, preserving their natural shine. It does not damage the hair as severely as chemical relaxation.

Whichever method of straitening of curly hair you choose, keep in mind that chemical and thermal straightening will cause hair damage by destroying protective coating and stripping shine. The hair will require extensive treatment after these procedures.

flower bun

Flower Bun – How it’s Made

Flower Bun Hairstyle

The flower bun is a perfect and easy to do hairstyle that you can wear for a holiday party, a night out or just for a casual walk in the park. It is considered a last minute hairdo because it’s simple to make and you can create it in 5 minutes. It is fancy enough to wear it to a party or urban enough to go with an edgy look.
This hairstyle is a variation inspired from the Dutch flower braid. It looks pretty, classy and elegant and can be worn at a wedding, a prom but is also cute enough to wear it at the office.

flower bun

Flower Bun – How it’s Made

For girls who have thin hair, this hairstyle is great because you will achieve a bun that is larger and has more volume. You need the following hair products: bobby pins, hairspray, dry wash, hair elastics, a brush and a comb.
The time required is from 5 to 7 minutes, and the skill level is medium. We say that with a little bit of dexterity you will have a beautiful flower bun.

Flower Bun
For a summer look you can combine the flower bun with braids. You can opt for a waterfall style that is perfect for the warmer days or for going to the beach. This hairstyle has a boho feel and we suggest you to try it.
You can opt for a sleek and impeccable bun or for a messy one. The messy hairstyle is very popular and can make your boring hair to look effortless chic. We like the messy flower bun because it won’t make you look like you are over-dressed or that you tried to hard. The proper messy bun will add style to your outfit and people will totally like it and appreciate your casual look.
When you are going to the movies with the girls, having fun with your best friend, working or going into a trip this hairstyle can be the perfect choice for a romantic yet casual approach.

Flower Bun

You don’t need flowers in your hair to be ready for spring; you can create a flower bun that is adorable, easy and romantic.